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Session 4: Stop Believing These Lies About Your Marriage

This is Satan’s strategy. He wants to get you to believe things about yourself and your spouse that will ultimately tear your relationship apart. You don’t have to be duped anymore! Learn how to catch these lies in the act and counteract them in today’s video. Get the book that inspired this series. It’s called Fight your Way to a Better Marriage: How Healthy Conflict Can Take You to Deeper Levels of Intimacy by Dr. Greg Smalley.… … Continue reading

Session 2: What If I Don’t Want to Fight

It’s normal to look at fighting as a negative way to spend your time. Maybe you’re reaching the point in your marriage where you’re just tired of trying. You’re tired of the confrontation, misunderstandings, hurt feelings and you find yourself wanting to give up on communicating all together. In today’s video, Greg and Erin Smalley explain why you might need to rethink that. Fighting – with this secret weapon from today’s video – might be exactly what your marriage… … Continue reading

Big Changes in Store for the Carlos & Joy Show…

Leaving is never easy. Carlos here and, over the last 3+ years, WAY-FM has been my home and Joy has been like my little sister.  It’s been an honor to share my afternoons and my life with you. We have walked through some pretty big things!  You helped me navigate life through my engagement, and the first few years of my marriage, and even becoming a father.  The love and advice I have received from… … Continue reading

How to Be Brave No Matter What You Are Facing

Do you feel brave? I am guessing your answer is “no” if you clicked on this post. Don’t worry, spoiler alert: most of us don’t. The good news is feeling brave is not a requirement to acting brave. In fact, most people who achieve feats of bravery do not feel a magical sense of courage or bravery before they accomplish something. So then… how do they do it? Brave is defined by Webster’s dictionary as:… … Continue reading

These Songs Are Guaranteed to Get Your Fall Party Started

This is the time of year to gather with friends around apple cider, candy, and fall festivals! If you want to get the party started at your home or event, these songs from our side channel WAYNEW will kick start it! Listen anytime WAYNEWMUSIC.COM Aaron Cole “Right on Time”   2. North Point Inside Out “Royals”   3. Branan Murphy “Enough”   4. Young and Free “Love Won’t Let Me Down”   5. Sho Baraka… … Continue reading

The 5 Songs You Need When Tragedy Strikes

It seems like one thing after another these days. If it’s not an earthquake or a hurricane then it’s a shooting. There is a tragedy all around us. In these moments, we cling to our faith more than ever. These things are the hard reminder that this broken world is not our home. Music can bring truth and hope to our souls when we need it most. These songs have helped us and maybe they… … Continue reading