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What to Do When God Hasn’t Given You the Answers

When disaster strikes in our lives we are often left not knowing what to think. Darren from We Are Messengers shares what to do when we don’t know what to do. He has experienced plenty of storms in his own life and has realized that God is in control and we can release our need to have all the answers. … Continue reading

For Every Parent Who Struggles With Their Kids Taking A Bath

I was that smelly kid growing up. My parents would tell me to take baths and for whatever reason, I just wouldn’t. I’d lie and say I did or I’d run the water but not get in. Or if I did get in the shower, sometimes I wouldn’t use soap! I have no idea why, I just hated it and my poor parents had to deal with a smelly kid for a good chunk of… … Continue reading

Did Chad from Unspoken Keep His Promise to Sing at Joy’s Wedding?

Chad from Unspoken kept his promise and absolutely crushed it singing at Joy’s wedding! More videos to come, we are getting them up as fast as we can. We’ll be posting here and on Facebook all week long so you can share in these lovely memories with us! Thank you for loving Joy and Hunter through this beautiful adventure. Watch them convince Chad to sing at the wedding!   … Continue reading