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Get Your Free WayFM Bingo Game!

Graduations can be long and boring, so add some fun to the whole family with our bingo sheets! See who can get 5 in a row first and win. Download your own copy at the bottom of this page and print it out before your graduation event.   Download your graduation bingo game … Continue reading

Learning to Take a Breath with Kirsten Watson

As a mom to 7 and a wife to a professional NFL player, Kirsten Watson has had her share of stressful moments. In her new book, “Sis, Take a Breath” she shares encouragement for the woman who is trying to live and love well, but secretly just wants to take a nap. Kirsten feels like the big sister we all need. She shares how to find time for your relationship with God, learning to say… … Continue reading

Katy Nicole on Her Breakout Song “In Jesus Name”

Katy Nicole sat down at a piano in her home and recorded herself singing a new song she wrote. She posted it on Tik Tok and came back a few hours later to over 1 million views. Her song is now a radio hit and has touched so many people! Katy shares about her own battle with chronic pain and scoliosis and why healing is such a powerful part of her story. … Continue reading

How to Break Up With Worry

“How am I going to do this?” The thought rang through my mind as I stood washing dishes alone late at night. My husband was out of town, my kid was super sick, and I had a full plate at work. I was overwhelmed and immediately my thoughts when to the “what ifs.” “What if my son gets super sick in the middle of the night?” “What if I can’t go to work tomorrow? I’m… … Continue reading

The Women of Skillet on Fighting Depression or Anxiety

As someone who struggle with anxiety and depression myself, I was so grateful when Jen Ledger from Skillet was honest about her own battle with anxiety. She said her fellow bandmate Kory was a huge help in teaching her how to fight so we sat down to hear what truly helped and how Jen is doing now. We cover how to view our problems in light of who God is, how to prepare for the… … Continue reading

For King and Country on Their Brand New Album

“What Are We Waiting For?” is a question that demands an answer according to Luke from “For King and Country” and it’s also the name of their latest album. Luke reveals: What song was suppose to be a Christmas song Why they dedicated a song to their mom Why their music video to “Broken Halos” was painful to film. Hear the song dedicated to their mom here: … Continue reading

A Dementia Love Story You’ve Got to Hear!

“Are you ok with this?” One morning Faron’s mom called demanding an answer to that question. She has been suffering from dementia for years and no longer recognized her husband. She called her son asking if he was ok with this random man living in her home with her. What grew out of this season is a fairytale kind of love that doesn’t come around often. Here the story of how Faron’s father consistency loved… … Continue reading

Don’t Miss Joy Singing the National Anthem at an NBA Game!

You can do things that scare you. If anxiety and fear tend to get the best of you, I understand that feeling. As much as I struggle with fear, I don’t want it to rule my life. When I found out I would be singing the national anthem at an NBA game instead f a minor league baseball game, my first instinct was GET OUT OF IT! But I knew that was my fear talking.… … Continue reading

Ryan Stevenson Reminds Us It’s Ok To Fall Apart

I have never cried like this during an interview. Cancer is such a horrible and scary word. When my Aunt told me her breast cancer was back, I asked her how she was handling everything emotionally. She said every day when she would lay on the table for radiation, she would quote lyrics from a Ryan Stevenson song to remind her that God can even use our scars. That moment I decided if I could… … Continue reading