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Why Being Comfortable is Overrated

“I bought a house in the worst part of town!” That’s not a sentence you hear very often, especially spoken in an excited tone. But that’s exactly what my friend Christine said to me! She is a smart, hardworking woman who has done fine financially so of course my question to her was WHY? “Because God loves the people who live there and I think He wants me to tell them,” she replied. Yet again… … Continue reading

Nick Won Something He Always Wanted Inside His New Backpack!

During the BackPACK 2 School promotion, you have a chance to win an amazing backpack stuffed full of prizes each day. Nick won the backpack from Rend Collective and amidst all the great prizes, he found something he had been wanting for a while! We got to know Nick a little bit and show him exactly what was in new backpack. Congrats, Nick!   Listen every day at 7:30a, 12:30p, 4:30p, and 7:30p for your… … Continue reading

This Lauren Daigle Contest Winner Got the Surprise of Her Life!

Fairytale love stories are not real…or are they? Buckle up my friend, because I’m about to share with you the exciting story of how we planned a secret proposal that 2 WAY-FM contest winners will never forget! Joy here, and when I called a guy named Scott to tell him that he won WAY-FM’s Lauren Daigle/Hot Air Balloon Contest, I never expected that it would become the biggest day of his life! His girlfriend Anne… … Continue reading

Zach Williams Helps Joy Conquer Her Fears

Joy is very honest that she struggles with fear so who better to help her with overcoming it than Zach Williams? His hit song “Fear is a Liar” inspired a game of Fear Factor and you will never believe the ending!   To find out how Zach had to live out the lyrics to “Fear is a Liar” when he thought he damaged a vocal chord, check out the full interview: … Continue reading

This Adorable Story Shows What YOU Made Possible!

You don’t even know how much of an impact you made, but you’re about to! This story will stick with me forever. During Spring Support Drive, WAY-FM listeners provided 6,051 pairs of shoes for kids in poverty through Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls and… I got to be the one to actually put them on kids’ feet!   Most of the kids were pretty shy, BUT this one kid comes, he sits down right in front of… … Continue reading

Why Marriage Won’t Complete You

What I wouldn’t give to go back to the final scene in the movie “Jerry Maguire” and change Tom Cruise’s romantic line, “I love you…you complete me!” WHY? Because it’s unhealthy and untrue. There. I like that line a lot better. It’s so unfair how the movies that make us swoon and tear up with sweet emotion often carry messages that leave us confused when we do fall in love. 1. Your Spouse Cannot Complete You.… … Continue reading

The One Lie You Believe That Keeps You From Being Confident

She has got it all. You know the girl. The one with perfectly manicured nails, the flawless makeup, the body that looks like she never leaves the gym, and the man who seems like prince charming on her arm. We look at this girl and we quickly notice that we are NOT this girl. We know our mess and our flaws. But something in us wants to be her. We figure she must be so happy with… … Continue reading