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The Newest Trendy Snack is Taco Pickles?

Spicy pickles can be delicious, but taco pickles? The new trend is to put a whole packet of taco seasoning into a jar of dill pickles. Let them sit overnight and by the next day you should have delicious spicy pickles. We created our own batch and try them to let you know if this trend is a hit or a miss!     … Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Taking a Sabbath Will Transform Your Weekend

I threw myself down on the couch exhausted again. How do the weekends always fly by filled with scheduled events and house work? It feels like I blink and suddenly it’s Sunday night and I’m dreading another busy week. I was in a vicious cycle as a working mom with no breaks and no end in sight. It began to feel completely overwhelming! Then I stumbled upon a social media post from Annie F. Downs.… … Continue reading

How a 4 Year Old Made Me Think Differently About My Insecurity

“What’s up with your skin?” I’ve heard this question my whole life. As someone whose skin looks different than everyone else’s because of an auto immune disorder, you’d think I could handle the questions. However, it’s still hard when someone points out something about me that I wish wasn’t noticeable. The questions remind me that I’m different and that my skin does not look like most people’s. To answer the questions I typically respond with… … Continue reading

Can MercyMe Beat Joy in this Minute To Win It Game?

MercyMe are incredible musicians, but can they impress us with their Minute To Win It game skills? MercyMe recently released their latest album called “inhale (exhale)”, so Joy designed a competitive game where you need to blow a ping pong ball from one soda can to the other! The band members go head to head to see who will be the champions. Which team will win: Diet Coke or Sprite???   … Continue reading

The Secret To Talking To Your Kids About Worry

Dealing with a pandemic caused higher levels of worry in all of us, including our kids! Dr. Josh Straub shares the secret to getting your kids to open up about their fears and the necessary techniques needed to respond. The tools he shares are also applicable for us as we navigate our own worries. Straub’s words of wisdom come from his new children’s book called “What Do I Do With Worry?”  At 11:15 “Neurobiological research… … Continue reading

Why “A Week Away” Could Be Your Family’s New Favorite Movie

If you are a fan of musicals and Christian music from the 90s this is the perfect movie for you! “A Week Away” will have you singing along and reminiscing about your own summer camp days. Alan Powell is the cowriter and producer of the film and shares what inspired such a unique movie. Plus find out how he chose which classic Christian songs would be featured in the film! … Continue reading