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Wally is Genuinely Touched and Bekah Starts to Cry – Find Out Why!

If you’ve ever been on an influential trip, you’ll know that you come back with certain moments etched in your mind forever. Wally and Bekah from The Wally Show sat down to show you those moments for them in Honduras with Compassion International.   Right now could be your moment. Consider sponsoring a kid through Compassion today? It will make a world of difference. … Continue reading

Find Out If Your Words Are This Powerful

At 10 years old, Nathalie carries herself with confidence and intelligence. She was the girl who knew all the steps in her dance group, was chosen to speak in public about the progress of her class, and could intrigue you with one look of those dark eyes. You can tell she’s a special kid. Her story? Well… She shares a tiny home with nine family members. Her father was killed in a cross-fire between two… … Continue reading

4 Things About Honduras That Surprised Carlos & Joy

Some of these things will definitely surprise you! Others… maybe not so much. 😉 Hear from Carlos and Joy about their trip to Honduras with Compassion International and see why they walked away surprised.   Interested in sponsoring a child in families like these? We dare you to take a look. … Continue reading

What to Do When the World Seems More Wrong Than Right

Ok, let’s get real for a second. There’s a lot of awful things happening in the world right now. The “wrong” we see on a daily basis can be overwhelming. If you’re listening to WAY-FM this week, you’ll hear a lot about the “wrong” of poverty – some pretty devastating  and awful poverty – in the world right now. It’s a serious part of the wrong that won’t ever seem to go away. But we… … Continue reading

The Surprising Truth About the Gospel and Thailand

Only 1% of Thailand is aware of the gospel. That’s a sobering statement. A Chance for Change You can be encouraged in your faith everyday through WAY-FM. Imagine bringing this same hope to a city of over 100,000 people who haven’t heard the Gospel. Partnering with Reach Beyond, you have the chance to build a radio station powered by a church in Thailand. Each radio project gives a church the technology and training they need… … Continue reading

Something All Our DJ’s Thought you Should Know…

1. Rock Solid Track Import System I need to make a video that demostrates this more in detail but here are the basics of my system called: “Never lose a track in your DJ software again” Only use iTunes to manage all of your DJ music (lose the folders) and you might what to reed the Tunecore Review for a Dj info Set iTunes to copy all songs into the library on import Turn off… … Continue reading