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How to See Your Possessions from God’s Perspective

“I am committed this school year. I am going to write a Bible verse on my chalkboard every week to inspire my children. I believe this will start our year off right.” I made this commitment three years ago. The first verse I wrote was I Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Little did I know, the written chalkboard verse was a lesson for me.… … Continue reading

How Almost Hitting a Little Bird Actually Made My Day Better

I had just finished reading an update on the financial crisis now crippling much of the world along with a warning of what may be coming to America. It doesn’t take a financial specialist to predict, with the exceptional debt that our nation finds itself in and the personal debt many of us hold as well, that without a turn around tough times are a comin’. But as I listened to this report, it was… … Continue reading

Why Should I Chase After a Lost Cause?

When I was in high school, my classmates voted me “Most likely to devote my life to a lost cause.” A decade and a half later, some may still give me that award. Cofounding an organization to take on the HIV/AIDS and water crises in the world’s second largest continent, probably looks like a lost cause to many, if not most. But as I peer over the African desert and into the rest of the world, skipping from news headline… … Continue reading

3 Ways to Grow Closer to God When You Feel Far Away

A few years ago I felt really close to God. I was growing in my faith, talking and walking with God, and even though things weren’t perfect, life was going well. Then, for the next year or so, I felt stuck in a rut. I felt like I wasn’t maturing in my faith and was becoming distant from God. It wasn’t until I tried the steps below that I noticed a positive change in my… … Continue reading

4 Practical Ways to Get Past Failure and Into Freedom

Failure is inevitable. Last night I got into an altercation with my young daughter. She wanted to watch a TV show; I wanted her to go to bed. What came next was a series of escalating arguments that ended with one person running out of the room crying and the other person weary and disappointed. (I’ll let you figure out who was who.) As grown-ups, we have a responsibility to steward our lives well. This… … Continue reading

How Yardwork Helped Me See Answered Prayer in a Better Way

My hub and I are not yardwork kind of people. In fact, we despise yardwork. A few years ago when we would look out into our backyard (more like weed jungle) all we would feel was despair. It was time consuming, hot, and exhausting work to try and remove the jungle and then keep it from returning. I understand how it feels to be overwhelmed by a task and, on top of being overwhelmed, to… … Continue reading

4 Things You Need to Remember When God Makes You Wait

You’re about to take a leap into the next phase of life. You have a beautiful plan, dreams you can’t shake, and people backing you. The big moment comes and… Nothing happens. This was me the month after I graduated college. I had done everything “right.” Good grades, great resume, friendships and connections in my chosen field, etc. Even so, internships fell through at the last minute. Employers who praised me in the interview brushed… … Continue reading

How to Use the Internet to Share the Love of Jesus

A young man came online searching for help. He was so overwhelmed by his parents fighting he was looking for ways to help their marriage and his family, even though he was only 13. He was reluctant to click the “Chat Now” button, but he mustered the courage and began a conversation. He said that within 5 minutes he felt cared for. A few minutes later and he was asking questions about faith and the… … Continue reading

5 Perfect Ways God Answers Your Most Popular Excuses

What comes to mind when you think of excuses? Has the dog ever eaten your homework? Have you ever been too old or too young? Instead of admitting our mistakes, why is it so much easier to blame other people and circumstances? Instead of being open to exploring new experiences, why is it easier to limit ourselves with excuses? In Exodus 3-4, God appeared to Moses through a burning bush, asking him to go before… … Continue reading

5 Reasons You Aren’t Studying Your Bible… and 1 Reason You Really Should

1. You don’t have a Bible. WAY-FM has you covered. If you can’t afford a Bible, WAY-FM and Tyndale want to provide a WAY New Testament to you. Visit our Bible page to get yours today! 2. You think reading the Bible is the same as studying the Bible. The Bible was written to people who lived in a different time and place than we do today. Studying means looking at the context and connecting… … Continue reading