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Rawr: A Note to Moms of Boys

“ “Few mothers do it willingly; very few do it well. But the boy has a question that needs an answer, and he cannot get the answer from his mother. Femininity can never bestow masculinity.” – John Eldredge Ouch. That hurts. But it’s true. For most boys it happens in their teenage years, Eldredge explains in “Wild at Heart.” Sometimes it gets ugly. A teenage boy pushing away from the comfort of mom will often… … Continue reading


You too? This season we are in has me feeling weary. I thought we were entering a sprint back in March. I was a sprinter in high school track. You focus on the finish line, run with everything you have, don’t look to your left or right. But…this has been a marathon. We can’t see the finish line. I’m terrible at marathons. I was reading in Isaiah 40 earlier: “He gives strength to the weary and… … Continue reading

Summer Reading for Grown Ups: Beauty in the Wilderness

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” (James 1:2-4)  WHAT? Joy? There’s joy here in these woods? Yes, as you survive these “uncertain times,” there is joy. I mean, you may not see it for the trees, but it’s there.  I’ve survived some… … Continue reading

Welcome to the Wilderness!

On a roller coaster, blindfolded. Feel that way lately? Me too. It’s what author John Bevere would call a “wilderness season.” Feeling lost, confused lately by the events of the world, wondering where God is, and how we are supposed to respond. Exhausted. The wilderness is exhausting! As part of an initiative I’m calling, “Summer Reading For Grown Ups,” I’m reading Bevere’s, “God, Where are You?” and inviting you along on this journey. It may… … Continue reading


  Is it true? Helpful? My place to say? Three questions we have tried as a family to ask ourselves before speaking. My mom used to say, “Those words would taste bitter if you had to swallow them.” She would remind me that words are like toothpaste from a tube; it’s really difficult to take them back. I guess I had an issue with words when I was a teenager. I still do. I work REALLY… … Continue reading

Universal Languages: Lessons from Kenya

  A thumbs up. A smile. A hug. Loneliness. Worship. Just five ideas I now know are universally understood after a trip to Kenya with Cure International and WAY-FM. Loneliness is felt whether you are in Kenya or Connecticut, wealthy or poor, married or single. Mary is a 32 year old single mom who lives in a village outside of Kenya with her two children. Her oldest daughter has disabilities, which aren’t widely accepted in… … Continue reading

If Your Child Is Lost, Spiritually…

Click the story below: Enticed by the word “VACATION” on a Vacation Bible School sign, I  wandered in…and tucked away some Scripture that would help rescue me some twenty years later. God loves our kids even more than we do, as difficult as that is to wrap our minds around!     … Continue reading

All Christmas on WAY-FM

We pray you are enjoying our Christmas music.  Favorite Christmas songs bring people together, and stir up warm memories. Thanks for telling friends, family and coworkers about WAY-FM’s Christmas music!   Questions about our Christmas music? Each year WAY-FM plays Christmas music during the holiday season. The results have been overwhelmingly positive. Many who have never tuned into a radio station like WAY-FM have made it their new, favorite radio station after Christmas.  Here are… … Continue reading

Ripple Effects of Grace

“I don’t wanna abuse Your grace. God, I need it every day. It’s the only thing that ever really makes me wanna change…”  These lyrics from We The Kingdom, “Holy Water,” were on repeat in my mind as I ran, er, was dragged on a run, with my dog a few nights ago. It’s the only thing that ever really makes me wanna change. Wait. The very grace that forgives us is a grace that… … Continue reading

FIVE THINGS: 5 Clichés that offer Truth

Christians say the funniest things. Well, it isn’t so much that the things we say are funny, it’s that we say them so much they begin to sound funny. Like when you say “Little Italy” seven times really fast. Go ahead. Say it. Out loud.  Just because “Little Italy” sounds funny when you say it over and over doesn’t mean Little Italy isn’t real. Here are five trite phrases that are truth: “If God brought you to… … Continue reading