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FIVE THINGS: 5 Things I’ve Learned Since I’ve been Single

  When I was married, I was oblivious to the challenges of my friends who were single, or single again. And, I’m sorry. I had been married to Dan MOST OF MY LIFE, close to 24 years. Since he passed away four years ago, it’s been eye opening. Outside of learning to grieve, and learning to heal, I’ve been learning the ropes of how to do this single life. FIVE THINGS I’ve learned since I’ve been… … Continue reading

What’s YOUR Chapter Called?

  THANK YOU for sharing some life with me on the air last week by telling me, if we were writing a book together, what your chapter would be titled in a book on parenting…marriage…a book on being single…even on how to be a better puppy owner! When my friend who’s currently writing her novel for NaNoWriMo first told me to try this challenge, my goal was to get to know you better, but really I learned… … Continue reading

“The Things That Matter” …Some Perspective from a Survivor

“The Things that mattered to me yesterday, do not matter today.” We can learn so much from the survivors — the people who are determined to make it through after a tragedy. It’s been a week since a shooting in Aurora, Illinois. It took place during a human resources meeting at a manufacturing plant. It’s still on my mind for a couple reasons. It breaks my heart. One life lost was an intern, just 21… … Continue reading

Justin’s Goodbye and Kelly’s Hello! | WAY-FM’s New Night Show

New is exciting, but also bittersweet. Justin Paul, WAY-FM’s Night Show Host, is leaving the show. We’re sad to see him go, BUT in this special video message, Justin introduces you to Kelly Corday – your new Night Show Host! Spoiler alert: You’re going to love her!   Find your new favorite and get to know Kelly in her “Favorite Things” video!    Hang out with Kelly on WAY-FM every weekday night at 7CT!  Listen… … Continue reading