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Meet Michelle Lee

4 Things You Should Know About Michelle Lee: 1. Avid instagrammer. 2. Pencil hater. 3. Youth group leader (aka conflict resolution specialist) 4. Jesus Follower. <– That’s the important one.       … Continue reading

trust is hard.

A friend recently pointed out as we took in an epic, scenic view, “We serve a God who created all this, and yet we still have trouble trusting Him.” And the answer to that is: yes. Yes I do. Even though I know I shouldn’t. just so you get to experience a little of the “epic, scenic” view I was talking about There are some things that I totally have no problem trusting God with.… … Continue reading

kid theology

Every summer I get the opportunity to spend a week with some incredible middle school students. It’s pretty smelly, really exhausting, and this year full of students who were losing teeth. While I’m there, in the middle of the stench of 4-day old middle school t-shirts, I feel like more often than not they teach me more than I teach them. This summer was no exception. Matthew 14.25-30 Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to… … Continue reading

real Jesus

I sat in a coffee shop, much like I am now… much like I am often… waiting for the high school senior I was going to meet. While I waited, I spent my time productively – playing 94seconds and eavesdropping on the table next to me. After a few seconds, it was abundantly clear the guys at the table next to me were pastors. They talked about salvation, church membership, what their youth group was… … Continue reading