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I have been quoting the TV show Person of Interest for the last several weeks. Which… is weird because it’s mostly full of cheesy, cop drama kind of lines (judge me, but I totally love it) The quote has to do with a character on the show who seems emotionless – and it’s TV so it’s a terrible caricature. A little girl tells the emotionless character, “I figured you out. It’s not that you don’t have… … Continue reading


Is anyone actually good at apologizing? I’m not. In my head, I expect a fight. Or tears. Or… actually, I don’t know. Either way, the times I have to apologize, I dread. I hate being wrong. And I hate having to admit it to the person I wronged even more. On the other hand, I feel incredible guilt – that sick to your stomach, throw up at any time, can’t focus on anything else kind… … Continue reading


There are a bunch of Psalms that are depressing. They call out to God and cry for help. And the Psalmist almost always ends with a “but.” Like, “but You, Oh Lord are my strength” or “but You, Lord, have rescued me.” Except one. (< I’ll come back to that. Promise.) I’ve learned a lot working with middle and high school students over the last few years. They surprise and impress me over and over… … Continue reading

What are you doing today?

Find Out Where Your Time Goes With This Productivity Chart. Check out the “wheel of productivity” (which sounds like potentially a medieval punishment on an episode of Monty Python) to figure out what you’re really doing today. I’m afraid Facebook/Instagram are more in my life than I want them to be…. … Continue reading

Australian Vacation GIVEAWAY

Australia Someday | Enter the Contest to Win 1 of 52 Trips. It’s a thing!! You could win a trip to Australia. There are 52 trips being given away. By the way… if you win, since I told you about it, you have to take me. #justsayin … Continue reading

over coffee.

I drink a lot of coffee. Like. A. LOT. Typically, drinking coffee is not out of necessity. I tell people all the time, “I can’t quit whenever I want.” (I realize that if you look at how often I drink coffee, you might be able to argue that.) Mostly it’s with people. Or over a good book. This post is about both. I’m fairly confident everyone likes to be liked. Even if you are -… … Continue reading

Greatest movie of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Greatest movie of all time. OF ALL TIME.My favorite toy as a child was a little Snoopy stuffed dog. Well… okay, Snoopy dog and a little brown down I named Barney (after Barney Fife, not Barney the dinosaur – my childhood was charmed, as you can tell) because you can obviously not pick just one favorite stuffed animal.Anyway. I loved Snoopy. It’s very possible I squealed just a little bit when I saw this was… … Continue reading