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Today is my mom’s birthday. She hates that picture, but I love it. (plus the “free layaway” sign is awkwardly photobombing it) You know that person in the world that has the ability to drive you the most crazy, but also say exactly the right thing at the right them? I think that might be everyone’s mom. Mine worries about me parking in the Target parking lot, traveling around the world, and that the cat… … Continue reading

worth the fight

I bought the new Switchfoot album Fading West. It’s every bit of awesome that I hoped it would be. Yes. That’s a shameless plug. #sorry #notsorry The first song is “Love Alone Is Worth the Fight” which is crazy, because at my church we’ve been talking about war. And if you want peace – in your home, at work, with the people you love – you have to be prepared for war. As I thought… … Continue reading