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My parents met my boyfriend’s parents for the first time a few months ago. After dinner, his mom texted me, “You definitely got the gift of gab from your mom!” And I thought, oh no. I clearly didn’t get my genes from my parents, but they did give me a lot. Family – for a very basic start. They loved this little girl that they saw pictures of at a rest stop in upstate New… … Continue reading


I got baptized as a 9-ish year old kid (I have a terrible memory when it comes to dates). I remember going through class about what it meant to be a Christian and part of my church and what baptism was. I was the youngest person in my class by about 15 years, except for Claude. Claude was an 8-ish year old kid. When I climbed into the giant baptismal (that made for an AWESOME… … Continue reading


I am always looking forward to the next thing. Looked forward to my first job (so I started working early because I was the coolest high school kid ever) Looked forward to graduating high school. Looked forward to graduating college (also early. Because I…. Looked forward to starting my first job in my career. Then I looked forward to finding someone to marry… then getting engaged… then getting married. And not that having goals isn’t… … Continue reading