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Lauren Daigle is Going to Be Featured in the New “Blade Runner” Movie?

Lauren Daigle just announced, she is featured on the soundtrack for the movie Blade Runner 2045! She wrote and sings a brand new song called “Almost Human.”   It’s a little different than the worship music we may be used to from Lauren, but hearing her heart behind it is fascinating. Lauren posted to Facebook, telling fans how God showed up in the middle of writing this song. She said: “Get ready, it’s a long post!… … Continue reading

Watch This Awesome Music Video to “Word of Life” by Jeremy Camp!

Sponsored Content Jeremy Camp’s song, “Word of Life,” is based off of an exchange with Jesus and His disciples in John 6. His new album, “The Answer,” is a reminder that no matter what life brings, JESUS is the answer! At this point many of his disciples turned away and deserted him. Then Jesus turned to the Twelve and asked, “Are you also going to leave?” Simon Peter replied, “Lord, to whom would we go? You… … Continue reading

What Building 429 Thought was a Robbery was Actually a Miracle

When your laptop, favorite Bible, and 1 1/2 years worth of songwriting work are stolen, the last thing you think is, “God is doing something awesome.” But that’s exactly what happened to Building 429. Hear the lead singer, Jason Roy, tell the story. Jason got a call from a man who is homeless on the streets of San Fransisco. He’s not really walking with the Lord, but his brother loves the band Building 429. He… … Continue reading

Will You Pray for Natalie Grant’s Health Update?

This heartfelt message from Natalie Grant is inspiring. After watching her thyroid for a couple of years, her doctors have decided to operate on several tumors and nodules found there. It’s unclear what exactly that means or what the status of those tumors are, but she hopped on Facebook anyways and decided to be honest about it. She says, “I’ve kind of just always chosen to live life with transparency and the payoff has been… … Continue reading

This New Hollyn Song Just Might Get Stuck in Your Head!

Hollyn’s new song, “¡Hola!” is so fun and catchy you will be singing it all day! On her Instagram, Hollyn said, ”I wrote this song with two of my best friends @colewalowac & @alex_williamsmusic on the back of a tour bus this year… traveling, writing, living this life of music and always on the road makes it hard to say THANK YOU sometimes to all the people who support & love on the music and artistry… … Continue reading

This MercyMe Music Video Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

MercyMe has been known to have a good time but their new music video, “Happy Dance” takes that to a new level! MercyMe said, “If you can listen to the song and not say “OH YEAH! ” or “WHAT!?” Then you don’t get it! Or you’re taking yourself too seriously! It will make you smile either because you are enjoying it or laughing at us! Either way, Win-Win!” Hear MercyMe share more stories their album!  … Continue reading

If You Like for King & Country, You’ll Love This New Band!

for King & Country is known for making great music, but the talent doesn’t stop there. Lead singer Joel’s wife, Moriah Peters, announced the formation of a brand new female band called TRALA. Joel had nothing but sweet things to say about how proud he is of these ladies and their music. Their first single is called “Holy Collision.” Here’s what Joel from for King & Country posted about TRALA: “Enormously proud of these brave… … Continue reading

Will Crowder’s New Music Video Blow Your Mind?

Tractors, mud, and Kenny Rogers the Fox – get ready for Crowder’s “Prove It” music video featuring KB. You won’t forget this song. Crowder says, “We had more fun than should be allowed making this one. See what you think…” Watch Crowder’s incredible “Prove It” live performance video!   … Continue reading

This is the Song Hollyn Couldn’t Wait for You to Hear!

Hollyn said, “been waiting for you guys to hear this one.” It’s a new song called “All Good,” released by her buddies, Capital Kings, but featuring Hollyn’s lovely vocals.   i want to stay in moments like this one… ❤ i love what i get to do & Who i am doing it for. A post shared by Hollyn (@iamhollyn) on Sep 1, 2017 at 8:07pm PDT Watch Hollyn’s enchanting live performance video!   … Continue reading