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Christmas Gets Squirrely with Mike Nawrocki

Mike Nawrocki, the co-creator of Veggie Tales, has a new project to help teach kids Bible stories called Dead Sea Squirrels.  I love the squirrels and wanted to help him market his Christmas story. I couldn’t believe that after all the creative Christian content Mike has churned out over the years that he was not a Bible major in college.  I was shocked when I found out what he was planning to do before God… … Continue reading

The Top 21 Songs of 2021

What a year! There were so many great moments covered in our top blogs and videos. And all year, our Music Team voted on their favorite songs. Here are the top 21 for 2021: 21. Zach Williams – Less Like me 20. CAIN – Yes He Can CAIN’s “Yes He Can” was one of the songs we used to get through the storms of this year 19. MercyMe – Say I Won’t We’re obsessed with… … Continue reading

This Elderly Man’s Reaction to a Christmas Surprise Will Give You All the Christmas Feels

No one should spend Christmas alone, but Terrance has for the last 20 years! When he admitted this during a TV interview the community rallied to give him a Christmas he will not soon forget! My heart cannot take it that some people have no one to spend Christmas with and are not celebrated while I have so much family. The footage from this video alone inspired me to text my husband and ask him… … Continue reading

3 Tips for Surviving Christmas with the In-Laws From a Marriage Expert

Christmas with your in-laws can be wonderful and hard all at the same time. I adore my in-laws and yet, I can still sometimes feel like an outsider at family gatherings where traditions that are new to me are present. Dr. Greg Smalley from Focus on the Family is a marriage expert who unpacks the 3 keys to an awesome Christmas with your in-laws in my latest podcast. Scroll down to listen to the full… … Continue reading

3 Ways to Add Joy Back Into Your Christmas

We finally get to have a Christmas together again, and yet…the stress has not gone away. Whether you are overwhelmed, not feeling it, or even grieving this Christmas, God is sharing an invitation with you to experience His peace and presence. Christmas at it’s core is not about the decorating, parties, gifts, or even the goodwill that is shared. Christmas is about the God of the Universe being so crazy in love with you that… … Continue reading

Christmas with The Chosen

If you’re a fan of the TV series on YouTube called The Chosen, you know how great it is. If not, it is a series about the life and times of Jesus and it is amazing. Admittedly, I was late to the party on this, but it blew me away at how well done it is and how it made the people I have read about for years in the Bible come to life. The… … Continue reading

When the Holidays Hurt (Part 2)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At least….that’s what the songs will tell you. But when life throws blow after blow, the holiday season can just make the ache you were already feeling intensify. And maybe this year, there’s a knot in your stomach in the place where that “holly jolly” feeling usually resides. My now typical dread of the holiday season started early this year. After not getting to see my family… … Continue reading

The Perfect Holiday Gift For Each Enneagram Type

The Enneagram is a tool to define different personality types by assigning a number (1-9) to each type. Since gift buying is so personal, I hope this tool helps you understand the kind of gift that would be best for each unique personality type. If your loved one does not know their enneagram type there are plenty of free tests they can take online to figure it out. Please comment with your enneagram number and… … Continue reading