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Aaron Shust live on the show

Anyone can write a worship song from popular a Psalm, but it takes a true artist to tackle a more obscure verse.     Aaron Shust sings his new song, "God Of Brilliant Lights", and Wally even "helps" at the end.   Watch the full interview with Aaron: … Continue reading

Tenth Avenue North live

Tenth Avenue North clears up some rumors in Confirm or Deny, shares the story behind "Worn" and takes on the great Eagle Eye Putting Challenge.     Check out their live performance of "Worn": … Continue reading

Talk to Tenth Avenue North

We're talking to Tenth Avenue North on Friday. Has their song "Worn" meant something to you? Give us a Reader's Digest version of your story and we may call you so you can tell them yourself! Just leave a comment below (include your email so we can contact you). Feel free to share this opportunity with a friend if the song has helped them too.     Get all the latest by joining our mailing… … Continue reading

Extended Audio Adrenaline interview with Mark, Will and Kevin Max

If you consider yourself an Audio Adrenaline or DC Talk fan, you have to watch this extended version of our interview with Audio A founders Mark and Will, and former DC Talk singer/new Audio A front man, Kevin Max. Listen to find out… • What Will and Kevin do that makes Mark want to jump out of the bus when they're on the road. • What Kevin really thought about Michael Tait joining the Newsboys.… … Continue reading