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E-MESS: Praising the Obamas

I was absolutely disgusted this morning to hear the segment of your show devoted to the “praise” of Michelle Obama on some late night talk show. First, let me remind you that the majority of your listening audience is conservative, who are not voting for Obama. Next, before you praise Michelle, please try to remember what her and husband represent the murder of unborn children and the promotion of homosexual lifestyles, something you as Christians… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Hate mongering

I love your Music but was saddened this morning by your HATE mongering regarding gay marriage, shame on you, that is not what Jesus would want WALLY! I will no longer listen to your show! Are you kidding me!? I take heat for not hating on gay people. I cannot believe that was your take away. How did you miss me saying instead of going to chick-fil-a to make a point about gay marriage, go… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Prattle

Wally, your station has blessed me many times with your honesty that I feel is so necessary to present a true message of the gospel and the life for death message of the cross of Our Lord, Jesus. What’s with all the ‘prattle’? Not an attractive thing to me or to our God. Sent from my iPad Don’t know what specifically you view as prattle, but I do know what you might call prattle has… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Hate for God

Hello Wally and crew I am writing you because I’m full of hate for God. I recently gave birth to my daughter. She was still born at 2lb. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through and it’s making my heart fill with hate. I don’t want to lose my faith but day by day I feel it slipping away as i drift darker and darker into depression. My husband and I can’t hardly… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Am I Christian enough?

Wally, first I want to say I really enjoy listening to your show. You make me laugh, cry, and help me along during difficult times. I sponsor a child through Compassion International and am going to visit her. I’m so very excited but as the time gets closer I am also very nervous. What I’m nervous about is am I a good enough Christian to meet with my child? I’ve not lived the best life.… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Is Beiber a Christian?

Dear Wally, First off I want to let you know how much I love and learn from you. I just want to say that you only have one flaw. I have been listening to the podcast from in 2011, and I heard you speak about Justin Bieber, and how you think that he could be a Christian. I know it’s not our job to judge people, but there is nothing in his life, right now,… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Insensitive joke

Wally, I am a faithful supporter and listener. With that being said, I was truly startled as I turned into my work parking lot this morning as you and your co-host made jokes in regards to Rodney King’s death….specifically, the comment that it’s ironic how his family called the cops for help and how sticks (batons) were not involved this time. Maybe it’s just me, but I was a bit alarmed and thought it was… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Cheesy Christian Radio

Hey Wally, As a guy who has been all over the radio industry, I was wondering, in your professional opinion, why most of Christian and/or Family Radio is so cheesy? You guys really do have a unique show and station as it is the least cheesy Christian station I have ever heard. You have an almost cheese free show which is amazing. I know that fact turns a few people off but that may be… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Earning salvation

Why is it that my good deeds, when fueled by my own desire to simply be a good person and “do right by my fellow man,” are not valid in the eyes of the Lord (according to the guidance I’ve been receiving lately from multiple different sources) unless I first accept Him as my Savior? If he can see into my heart, shouldn’t he be able to see the purity of it – even if… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Pushing your kids

Wally, I was listening to you this week when you were saying that it is wrong for parents to encourage or “push” their kids. I could not disagree more. The job of parent is tough enough without a dis-jockey from a very large and well known multiple market radio station who is unfortunately a strong influence on many kids, sloshing such liberal views to our kids and just “beating the dead horse” until you feel… … Continue reading