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Wally’s “Candy Corny” Song

Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child was asked to do a song about candy corn. After hearing it, Wally felt that she sold out since she was being paid to promote the confectionery perfection that is candy corn. Wally is an actual true fan of candy corn and has the cavities to prove it. So he broke out his rap alter ego, “Missed Beats,” and did his own candy corn song!     … Continue reading

What Had Taya in Tears

Taya of Hillsong United recently released a solo project called “Taya”.  We talked with Taya about the fear of starting something on her own and somehow it ended with Taya, Wally and Betty Rock all in tears. … Continue reading

Photo Op: Did Dateline Save Betty Rock’s Life?

Photo Op is where Wally makes us send him the last photo we took on our phones and tell him the story behind it. Which photo do you like the best? I’m an addict when it comes to crime shows and podcasts. While I know that it has been helpful in making me more aware of my surroundings, I’m now finding out it’s making me look out for others as well. Recently my roommate and… … Continue reading

Mike Donehey is Full of It!

Mike Donehey is full of wisdom and he has set out to redeem social media with something he calls “Mic Drops”.  I love his creative wordplay.  Mike is really good at taking a thought or observation and turning it into a profound spiritual metaphor. We decided to see just how good he was by giving him some random words to turn into a micro message.  I think he even surprised himself at how good he… … Continue reading

Rhett Walker Reacts to Wally’s Parody Song

Rhett Walker is one of my favorite people.  He is a great song writer but beyond that, Rhett is as unique as the color green on a John Deere tractor. I wrote a song to the tune of Rhett Walker’s song “Believer” to give Rhett some idea of what I, and possibly others, think of and hear when he sings. This was Rhett’s reaction. Here is Rhett’s song that was the inspiration for mine!  … … Continue reading

Monday School: Actually Love

Monday School is Wally’s chance to share what he learned at church, and, prove that he went. This week’s discussion: Sometimes we can stand up for what’s right, but, other times what would it look like if we took a seat and acted with love. … Continue reading


Record companies send us CD’s of the new music they want us to play.  So we decided to randomly choose a song, and it wouldn’t be the Wally Show if we didn’t choose it in a “ran-DUMB” way. This time we were picking songs off Stars Go Dim’s latest album. … Continue reading