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Wally Gets Nervous Talking to Dave Coulier

Dave Coulier of Full House fame is starring in a new mockumentary called Live+Local on Pure Flix.  He is playing a cranky, old, morning DJ on a Christian radio station.  Sounds a little like someone we all might know at WayFM.  One of the first things Wally was curious about was if anyone told Dave to listen to him for inspiration or tips on how to be cranky and old. In addition to talking about… … Continue reading

If the Shoe Fits with Colton Dixon

We decided to try out a new game with Colton Dixon called, “If the Shoe Fits.” This is where we exchange one shoe then raise the shoe of the person we think is the best answer for the question.  Some of the answers are pretty revealing about both Wally and Colton.  One big surprise was how much Colton’s shoes actually cost!   Also, here is a link to Colton Dixon’s song Build A Boat! … Continue reading

Colton Dixon Plays Shipwreck or Poop Deck

Colton Dixon has a new song called Build a Boat.  I liked it so much it inspired me to play a round of “Shipwreck or Poop Deck” with him. I know when he woke up this morning this was certainly NOT on his “to do” list but he is always a great sport. video I was happy that Colton even stuck around for a serious conversation about the story and meaning behind his new song… … Continue reading

I Challenge Gavin: Pickle Juice Combinations

After hearing about the health benefits of drinking pickle juice, Gavin thought he could drink an entire glass. So, in this edition of “I Challenge Gavin,” we attempted to find out which other drinks we could combine with pickle juice to make it a little more drinkable. … Continue reading

Preaching, Praying and Performing with Tauren Wells

My respect for Tauren goes way beyond his musical ability.  We sat down and talked about preaching, praying, and performing but, I really loved his take on restoration when it comes to people inside the faith that make mistakes like comedian, John Crist. I loved his quote about restoration! “We shouldn’t be so quick to hit the cancel button on people because the only cancelling Jesus did was of our sins.” – Tauren Wells  … … Continue reading

Betty’s Airbrush T-shirt Song

Betty Rock went to Dollywood and brought back a souvenir that I am sure she will pass down to her children’s children.  It was an airbrush T-shirt of Dolly Parton’s Face and she could not be more excited! This is the picture of what the shirt is supposed to look like??? “I know it’s trashy, but it’s so me!” –  Betty Rock … Continue reading