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Wally Show Winter Olympics

We have all been inspired by the Olympics so we decided to hold our very own Olympic competition in the studio.  Who will take home the gold, Katie, Betty Rock, or Wally? First out of the gate is Katie Rose.     Next up Betty Rock     Wally is our final Olympian, and the results and medal ceremony follow his run.   … Continue reading

Moms’ Night Out Movie

I saw the new movie Moms' Night Out and I really liked it.  It was nice to see a movie that is faith based, but is not driven by agenda at the expense of the movie.  By that I mean some "Christian" movies try so hard to get their message across that it almost pollutes the movie and ultimately weakens the message.  Moms' Night Out is a comedy that doesn't forget to be funny, and… … Continue reading

Zach is a Dancing machine

Sometimes in life you really think you know someone, and then they do something that totally surprises you.  Who knew Zach was such a great dancer.  You Go Girl!    His first appearance is about a minute in and then things really get cranked up at 1:30   MercyMe "Shake" Featuring Zach (The Wally Show) from Fair Trade Services on Vimeo. … Continue reading

Hope for Haiti Day 4:The children will lead the way

  Today we visited Compassion project HA-800.  It was an amazing place where the kids are starting to thrive.   One of the biggest reasons for this success is because the staff and pastor are incredible.     The Pastor is the kind of man radiates Jesus.  You can see it in his smile and feel it in his demeanor. He is humble as he serves these children. We might not have spoken the same… … Continue reading

Hope for Haiti Day 3: Ilderson is king for a day

  This is Ilderson. He is the child my family sponsors in Haiti. It is weird how much he looks like me.     It has been three years since we started sponsoring him and I will admit I was nervous about meeting him.   You want so badly to say something that will have a profound impact on his life and to make this a day he will never forget.  I don’t know about… … Continue reading