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Blog Report: November 13, 2013

  I love that Mark Hall is always equipped with a smart phone and no fear.   Casting Crowns: iPhones make being stuck in traffic not so bad:)   Check out how thin Bart Millard looks in their new music video. Fitting for the song.   Love this cover by Sidewalk Prophets. … Continue reading

Blog Report: August 21, 2013

  Great exposure for Christian rap on So You Think You Can Dance last night. They featured a song by Tedashii and Lecrae.   tobyMac posted a picture of his dog. I love that it's physically impossible to take a photo anywhere in Toby's house without getting at least 3 Grammy's in the background. TobyMac Cocoa Ray….livin' the good life! Something is very wrong here….gangsta dog?!?!?!     I love that Bart from MercyMe has… … Continue reading

Blog Report: July 3, 2013

  Jenny Simmons, the singer from Addison Road, just released a new music video that her husband can’t believe she released. It's a collection of photos that show Jenny in a bad light. She circles her pimples and makes fun of herself throughout. It's a great message about where our worth is really found, especially for young girls. It kind of goes along with this photo Britt Nicole posted to Instagram with the caption: #nomakeupmonday… … Continue reading

Blog Report: June 19, 2013

  Question: How do rock stars spend their summers? Answer: Back yard slip 'n' slide.     Aaron Shust's son, Michael, has Down's Syndrome and they've been through a roller coaster ride of medical challenges. But God still performs miracles.   … Continue reading