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Blog Report: October 10, 2012

The American Music Award nominations have been announced and voting has opened up. The nominations for Contemporary Inspirational Music: Favorite Artist are Jeremy Camp, newsboys and tobyMac. Click here to vote! Kevin Max, one third of DC Talk, recently accepted lead singer duties for Audio Adrenaline. Their first song and video is out. What do you think?   … Continue reading

Blog Report: September 28, 2012

Jeremy Camp is a better person than me. After a frustrating day with a flight delay and lost luggage, instead of throwing the airline under the bus, they blurred the ticket counter in the back. I don't know what airline it was, but it is apparent he was Dealt a bad hand. TobyMac's hype man Gabe Real shot a video with his wife Jenny to teach the dance moves to "Me Without You". … Continue reading

Blog Report: September 13, 2002

Blog Report: September 13, 2012 Kevin Max, formerly of DC Talk and newly of Audio Adrenaline, is going to be singing the National Anthem at a football game. Not many people can tape themselves singing the National Anthem in an office and pull it off, but he certainly can.     Jenna from Blood:Water Mission had the opportunity to pray at the Democrat National Convention. It's a pretty inspirational prayer. Check it out here. … Continue reading