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Watch Us Turn Your Backpack Into A Back Stage Pass

ENTER TO WIN! 104.5 WAY-FM wants to help you turn your backpack, coat or blanket into a PAIR of BACK STAGE PASSES to THE ROCK AND WORSHIP ROADSHOW on FEBRUARY 21st, 2016. Throughout the winter months, WAY-FM has been collecting coats, blankets, and backpacks at different locations throughout Portland and Vancouver. All proceeds of the Coat Drive are donated to Open House Ministries, a local non-profit, where these life-saving items have been shared with individuals and families who need them… … Continue reading

Our Ministry Of The Month: Serving Our Neighbors

  Serving Our Neighbors is about “Collaborating Leaders to Change Their World!” Our Biblical Mandate is Jeremiah 29:7 “WORK for the peace & prosperity of the city where I sent you into exile. PRAY to the LORD for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare.” SON is an initiative of Community, Marketplace & Faith-Based Leaders partnering with Him to release radical collaboration, strategic prayer & the mobilization of hands, feet & hearts throughout our… … Continue reading

Our Ministry Of The Month: Abolition Now

Abolition Now’s Vision: We see communities where people are Safe from sexual exploitation and experiencing Abundant life in Jesus through the Unified service of the Church. We accomplish this goal by providing tangible and creative ways the Church can unite together and serve in anti-trafficking work. The Abolition Now website and social media aims to be a resource for anyone to Get Informed and Get Involved. We also offer Church and Pastoral engagement presentations. Visit… … Continue reading

104.5 Winter Coat Drive

This winter 104.5 WAY-FM is partnering with local companies to host a Coat Drive…but it’s not just coats we’re hoping to collect. Throughout the winter months, WAY-FM will be collecting coats, blankets, and backpacks at the locations listed below. All proceeds of the Coat Drive will be donated to Open House Ministries, a local non-profit, where these life-saving items will be shared with individuals and families who need them most. How can you help? Gather… … Continue reading

Our Ministry Of The Month: Hope After Betrayal

  Hope After Betrayal Ministries (HABM) was founded by Meg Wilson, author of the book, Hope After Betrayal. Her mission is to provide hope and healing for women injured by their partners’ sexual betrayal. We are a growing community of healing and empowered women who educate, support and mentor other betrayed women through Healing Hope classes, resources and events. Our goal is that Pastors and Christian Counselors would see HABM as experts in the field and… … Continue reading

A Little Encouragement Goes A Long Way.

A Daddy-Daughter fishing trip for a young girl called Avery has turned into one of the most precious viral video’s on the internet. Even when she doubts that she will not be able to do it..he reassures her “I’m right there with you , and you can do this”.. Sound familiar? Here is the best parts…She reeled in her 20 inch Bass using her favorite Barbie Fishing Pole. To see the joy these two have for each… … Continue reading

When you hear the words out of this little girls mouth..

Divorce is a messy word. It’s an all around messy situation. It’s never fun, it always hurts and most the times there is never too much humor that is associated with it. It not only shakes the world of the family but it hits to those who we may never think of. The CHILDREN are always affected. This lil girl has some great words of advice for her Mom and Dad working through there Divorce.… … Continue reading

Strong Harvest. Connecting The World To Health. Our Ministry Of The Month.

http://www.strongharvest.org/ STRONG HARVEST ENVISIONS . . . a world in which everyone has nutritious food, clean drinking water, and economic opportunities. We work in communities in the developing world focusing on three primary objectives: Enhancing Food Security, Improving Health, and Increasing Economic Viability – All at the Family Level. STRONG HARVEST EMPOWERS . . . people to meet their own basic needs in ways that create dignity in the individual, that are attainable and sustainable at… … Continue reading

Life Changing Moments in the Northwest because of YOU!

What would happen if you gave today? All over the Northwest right this very minute 104.5 WAY-FM is shouting out a message of Uplifting, Upbeat and REAL music. You have told us so many times how this radio station has changed your day, your attitude, your thoughts and even your LIFE! We say thank you for that, and thank you for supporting the Life Changing Ministry of 104.5 WAY-FM. During our Fall Pledge Drive we… … Continue reading

#HipsterBarbie captures some of the BEST of the NORTHWEST

That is so so Portland! A local photographer has captured the essence of the “Hipster” crowd of the Northwest by posing a #HipsterBarbie around Portland With the over use of filters artistic angles and rimmed glasses, Socality Barbie takes followers on a journey around some of the most HipWorthy spots in PDX. The Creator of the account who wishes to remain behind the camera only has said “I made her trendy backpack out of a denim patch for jeans,… … Continue reading