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Out and About

  There are so many Events, Festivals, Concerts and Happenings  around the Great Northwest we can’t keep up. SOOOO we ask you! If you know of a something coming up that you want to let us know about fill out the form below and share it with us all.  Click away! … Continue reading

Look around! Portland is AWESOME!

Be a Tourist In Your Own Town Have your ever just taken the time to simply look around and see how AMAZING our city is? The Rose City is one of the most eclectic places there is! You can literally go from pristine and proper, to weird and wonderful within blocks of one another.  Portland also offers amazing opportunities for families as well. These are just a few things to cross off your list to really call… … Continue reading

Taylor Swift takes the time for others

Taylor Swift by far is one of the most busy artist in the music industry right now. With her massive hit “Shake it Off” making the rounds on stations around the world, its amazing to see that she still has time for others. T-Swift has always seemed like the type of lady who is truly dedicated to reaching out to her fans and saying thank you as well as spending time with them. Lets be real she… … Continue reading

Baby Got Class…Yeah they do!

I WANT TO BE IN THIS FAMILY!! I mean they are stinking AWESOME! Can you imagine what its like sitting at the dinner table each night. My goodness. What a fun time. But I think the coolest part is that they do everything together. They seemed to be soo routed in family that it shows in each of there videos. Yes its all for funny laughs…haha..but it’s really great to see a family WANTING to… … Continue reading

OHH That’s My JAM

Pretty sure that we all have a least one.  A JAM! A song that when it comes on the radio your body tends to do something that you may not have any control over, or better yet even know you do! We will explain. Your body goes through a sort of  repetition of motions that can only be classified as “MY JAM-itis” The diagnosis is as follows. When your “JAM” comes on the radio a loud… … Continue reading

Drones and Fireworks=AMAZING

A videographer decided that flying his Drone strapped with a Go Pro Hero 3 Silver through his local fireworks show was worth the risk of losing the valuable equipment. What he captured was completely amazing. Take a look at what he captured. God Bless ‘Murica, Fireworks, and technology. The best drones have evolved greatly since the first ready-to-fly model went on sale ten years ago – and a decade on drones are now everywhere. Every drone on this… … Continue reading

The Evolution of… Bad..Dad Dancing.

Since Jimmy Fallon took over the Tonight Show for Jay Leno earlier this year..he has been nothing but magnificent. Each show has gotten more and more fun to watch. As we are sure you will agree. ..Jimmy has a new type of comedy that connects with all us. Very reminiscent of Johnny Carson’s Tonight Shows.. in the early days. Since this weekend is Father’s Day we thought you would enjoy “The Evolution of Dad Dancing”… … Continue reading

Do we really have to get up???

Pretty sure we ALL have been in this position. The alarm goes off and its time to get up..but we just do NOT want to get up!! Well a Great Dane puppy name THOR gives us the best example of what we all feel like when we just DO NOT WANT TO WAKE UP! Enjoy!! And way to go THOR! … Continue reading