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6 Things About the New Year You Need to Know

Happy New Year! Here are 6 things you need to know about 2016! 1.) There will be good days and bad days. 2016 will be filled with wonderful days you will want to remember forever, but there will also be days you might want to forget. That’s ok. That’s just how life works. Through the good and through the bad, there is always something to learn and a chance to grow. 2.) Change won’t happen… … Continue reading

WAY-FM’s Christmas Tree Giveaway!!!

Christmas is coming! Before you know it you’ll be decking the halls with boughs of holly and we are here to help. Every week day from November 20th until December ??th, we are giving away a Christmas tree from Heavenly Evergreens in Naples to help make your Christmas a little more special. Starting November 20th, all you have to do is listen to WAY-FM, and when the DJ’s tell you to call to win, dial 239-936-1929… … Continue reading

7 Unique Ways To Eat Bacon Like You Never Have Before

Bacon is pretty amazing! Add it to anything, and it instantly becomes better. Your life will not be complete until you try these 7 bacon covered foods at BaconFest Naples this Saturday! 1.) Bacon Wrapped Donuts 2.) Bacon Chicago Dog 3.) Hawaiian Shaved Ice with a Bacon Syrup 4.) Bacon Leek Truffle 5.) Bacon Funnel Cake 6.) Candied Bacon Pretzels 7.) Bacon Mac & Cheese Find out more about BaconFest Naples here!   … Continue reading

Volunteer with your WAY-FM

Do you have a heart to impact lives right here in Southwest Florida? We’re looking for people just like you to help us at some upcoming events like sticker stops, concerts, and toy drive stops! If you’re available, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch! … Continue reading

10 Reasons that Prove MercyMe is one of the most Creative Bands

1.) They are amazing dancers. Have you seen their dance moves?   2.) Their Cover Tune Grab Bags are so much fun to watch!   3.) They are not afraid to get messy for the sake of art.   4.) They turn tough circumstances into beautiful songs.   5.) They have impeccable taste in fashion. A photo posted by MercyMe (@themercyme) on Aug 6, 2015 at 11:37am PDT 6.) They aren’t afraid to be honest!  … … Continue reading

9 Things You Need To Know About Phil Wickham Right Now

1.) We think he might secretly be a moose! ALASKAAAAAAAA! A photo posted by Phil Wickham (@philwickham) on Aug 6, 2015 at 1:09pm PDT   2.) When Phil was a baby he was seriously electrocuted and almost died!   3.) He has read the ENTIRE Lord of the Rings Trilogy twice.                   4.) He has even read all of C. S. Lewis’s Narnia books AT LEAST THREE times… … Continue reading

5 Things Teachers Want You to Know About The School Year

It’s that time of year again when you send your child off to school, except if you enrolled your kid to an Online Elementary School. Maybe it’s your first time watching your child get on that school bus, or maybe it’s senior year already and this is the last “first day of school”  you and your child will ever have! Either way, here are 5 things teachers want you to know in order to have a… … Continue reading

The Amazing Thing About a Concert

There’s just something so amazing about a Christian concert! In a way, concerts are the perfect example of unity. Think about it! Maybe it’s the way everyone sings with one voice at the top of their lungs. Or maybe it’s because you are surrounded by Christians from different backgrounds and different walks of life, and despite those differences you are all singing together. Sure, everyone at the concert is there to hear the band, but… … Continue reading

This is for YOU only… no snow birds allowed!

Yes we love the snow birds, but because of them traffic triples, restaurants are more crowded, and beach parking is a nightmare! (If you’re a snow bird that happens to be reading this please know that we really do love you. Just not the increase in traffic.) But let’s not talk about season, because it’s SUMMER! Although it may be hot outside, there is lots to love about the off season in Southwest Florida! Whether it’s reading… … Continue reading

Southwest Florida’s WAY-FM Presents Your Next Concert: MercyMe

We are excited to announce YOUR next concert! Circle November 5th on your Calendar because this is one exciting night you are not going to want to miss! Southwest Florida’s WAY-FM presents MercyMe, Phil Wickham, Tim Timmons, and speaker John Lynch at Germain Arena. You and your friends and family will be singing at the top of your lungs to songs like “Flawless,” “Greater,” and “I Can Only Imagine.” Date: November, 5th! Time: 7PM Location:… … Continue reading