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Worth It.  I was listen to some WAY-FM songs last night about the cross. I know what God has done for me. I’m sure you’ve heard the story a bunch of times as well. It’s all about the cross and God’s sacrifice for us. It’s the basis of our salvation. I think the problem is I’m used to the story. I know it backwards and forwards. The story of Jesus dying on the cross doesn’t… … Continue reading

Welcome to FIGHT CHURCH. In a new documentary the film makers are taking a look at the culture of men within the church and asking the hard question. Has Christianity feminized the faith? From my perspective the church truly has gone a little too far into the culture of meek and mild, soft and always turning the other cheek Jesus. We forget that Jesus was a man’s-man, a carpenter, a vocal leader and when He… … Continue reading

16 Children And Their Bedrooms From Across The World.

16 Children And Their Bedrooms From Across The World.Where you sleep says a lot about the world you live in. Joy here, I think I need to look at these photos every single day when I wake up. What does your bedroom look like? Probably four walls, a bed, some pillows, and a closet filled with clothes. This is our world. It’s all we know. However, so much of the world would love even ONE… … Continue reading

Pizza Delivery Man Surprised by Kindness

Pizza Delivery Man Surprised by KindnessThis article has encouraged a lot people today, but I’m actually frustrated by it. Joy here and the fact that this story made the news amazed me! A sweet couple righted a wrong and it surprised everyone! As Christians, why are we not doing this more often? We should be righting wrongs, asking for forgiveness, and doing the unexpected to encourage all the time. This hit me hard and made… … Continue reading

Prank It Forward

Prank It ForwardApril Fools Day is often one of the most hated holidays! Joy here, and today is often all about cruel pranks. I love that some people got together and said why not spread kindness instead of frustration on April Fools? This video is so inspiring and made me think of ways that I can “prank it forward.” I think that I miss opportunities every day to bless those around me, sometimes it just… … Continue reading

Welcome to my life. This is Carlos and this is one of the biggest things I am learning right now in my journey with Jesus. To MAKE WAR against my flesh, daily. To look at my struggles differently and learn the reason why I am here, fighting this and what I should be/could be learning from it. This weekend I had the opportunity to speak at a church about just that and I chose Hebrews… … Continue reading

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?We all learn lessons as we grow that we wish our younger selves knew. Some are simple like, “Don’t waste your time dating that guy” or “Wear sunscreen more often.” However, some of the lessons are deep and I learned over years of difficulty. If you had a time machine TODAY and could go back and talk to your younger self, what would you say?  There is SO much… … Continue reading

Carlos here and I love visiting the doctor. Not sure why, I just always have. Joy on the other hands avoids them like the plague. She’s hyper afraid of needles so maybe that has something to do with it…but not every visit equals a shot…so what is it? Now, I may be a little over the top with my love for doctors. I went to the same pediatrician till I was 18 and eventually told… … Continue reading

9 year old girl barred from school for shaving head to support friend with cancer back in class

9 year old girl barred from school for shaving head to support friend with cancer back in classThis new story inspired us!  It’s always amazing when a child does something that we wonder if we would be brave enough to do ourselves. I’ve never had someone super close to me lose their hair due to cancer, but I’ve always wondered if I would stand with them and shave my head too. This beautiful, young girl… … Continue reading

Show partners that change car batteries together stay together!Yesterday was a crazy day for Carlos, on the first day of our new show his car wouldn’t start. I picked him up for work in the morning and after the show we started the adventure of fixing his Jeep! We picked up a new battery together, but when we got to Carlos’ house we quickly realized he did not have the tools necessary to replace it. We… … Continue reading