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Today is my mom’s birthday. She hates that picture, but I love it. (plus the “free layaway” sign is awkwardly photobombing it) You know that person in the world that has the ability to drive you the most crazy, but also say exactly the right thing at the right them? I think that might be everyone’s mom. Mine worries about me parking in the Target parking lot, traveling around the world, and that the cat… … Continue reading

The Best Parts Of Fruits And Veggies You’re Not Eating (But Should Be)

The Best Parts Of Fruits And Veggies You’re Not Eating (But Should Be)Ok, FINE. I don’t eat enough fruits or vegetables, but you probably don’t either! That’s why this article is so exciting to me. It says if we ate all the parts of the fruits and vegetables that we ACTUALLY do eat, we may not need as many! Yes, it sounds a bit nasty, but read on. I might actually try this!  … Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Your Pastor

What You Need to Know About Your Pastor”I don’t need to encourage my pastor, there are plenty of other people to do that!” Have you ever heard this statement? Or even thought it yourself? I have and I should know better. I grew up in the Christian bubble. My dad is still a pastor to this day so I know the ins and outs of the local church like no one else. I have watched… … Continue reading

Mom and Dad Thanks For….

Mom and Dad Thanks For….When you think back to your childhood, there where probably countless things that your parents made you do that you hated! I was in charge of doing the family dishes as a little girl and I complained probably EVERY night! I remember trying to cram so many things into the dishwasher that I almost broke it because I loathed hand washing dishes and still do to this day! However, I’m thankful… … Continue reading

I’ve even gone on a Sunday and sat in the drive through wondering why no one was waiting on me… … Continue reading

Trusting God during the storms of life. This is Katie and her husband. They are faithful WAY-FM listeners. I met them at a WAY-FM show this weekend and Katie shared that WAY-FM was her lifeline a few years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer. She is so young, so full of life, I can’t imagine how hard that time was when she learned that she had to battle such a deadly disease. She said… … Continue reading

10 Things We Should Stop Posting on Facebook!

10 Things We Should Stop Posting on Facebook!Facebook has been getting on my nerves recently. Have you ever been scrolling through your news feed when you suddenly read something you never wanted to know about someone? Yep, me too! So many people are using it to share things that they should probably keep to themselves. I’m not saying that I’ve never done this, but I am trying to be better. Are you currently wondering if… … Continue reading