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I think I’m never drinking soda again…

I think I’m never drinking soda again…I have always been a lover of Coca-Cola. I even think my roommate is obsessed with it. There is nothing like a good cold Coke with a meal, however this article made me realize how bad it is for our bodies. I try to limit my intake of soda, but this article has convinced me to swear off the stuff. If it can clean car batteries and take blood… … Continue reading

As I continue to think about the passing of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman…yes, it seems to be yet another instance of someone insanely talented, with the world at his feet, awards on his mantle, and yet, a longing for something more- chasing the dragon, needing that high… …what pains me more than the actual tragedy is the continually heavy handed judgment that has come down from many who have written him off as just another “godless junkie”… … Continue reading

When the Church Becomes a Part of the Community.

When the Church Becomes a Part of the Community. Some say the church is dead. Some say the church claims to “love” it’s neighbors but then hides within it’s own walls. But I SAY the church is learning more now than ever how to love those that need it most. More and more churches seem to be getting it now. They are reaching out and finding amazing ways to truly show love on their community… … Continue reading

How to find your local station

If you’re reading this, then there are two options: You live in a place that does not have a local WAY-FM station. You didn’t want to give us your ZIP code. If the first option is true, then welcome. We’re so glad you listen and came to visit us. If the second option is true, and you want to see what’s going on in your area (concerts, contests, service opportunities), then here’s what you do:… … Continue reading

Look at those faces! Waiting for you!We are calling these “Joy’s Boys.” There always seem to be more boys that need to be sponsored through Compassion International because the girls are sponsored so quickly. These little guys have been waiting a long time for someone to choose them! Would you consider sponsoring one of them for a little more than $1 a day providing an education, heath care, food, and hope for a better future. … … Continue reading

Will you consider sponsoring Yvenerson through Compassion International? The youngest children seem to go the fastest, but the older children have either lost their sponsor or have been waiting a very long time. It’s a little over a $1 a day to invest in Yvenerson’s life! Will you choose him and change his life today? http://www.compassion.com/sponsor_a_child/child-biography.htm?needKey=HA8050377 … Continue reading

Give a child a chance to not only survive, but to grow up and change their country! It didn’t look like much. Just a fence built on a hill with some crosses above it, but I quickly found out that this hill holds pain for so many in Haiti. After the earthquake there were so many bodies that they had to have mass burials. This is one large grave outside the city for so many… … Continue reading

worth the fight

I bought the new Switchfoot album Fading West. It’s every bit of awesome that I hoped it would be. Yes. That’s a shameless plug. #sorry #notsorry The first song is “Love Alone Is Worth the Fight” which is crazy, because at my church we’ve been talking about war. And if you want peace – in your home, at work, with the people you love – you have to be prepared for war. As I thought… … Continue reading