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Give a child a chance to not only survive, but to grow up and change their country! It didn’t look like much. Just a fence built on a hill with some crosses above it, but I quickly found out that this hill holds pain for so many in Haiti. After the earthquake there were so many bodies that they had to have mass burials. This is one large grave outside the city for so many… … Continue reading

worth the fight

I bought the new Switchfoot album Fading West. It’s every bit of awesome that I hoped it would be. Yes. That’s a shameless plug. #sorry #notsorry The first song is “Love Alone Is Worth the Fight” which is crazy, because at my church we’ve been talking about war. And if you want peace – in your home, at work, with the people you love – you have to be prepared for war. As I thought… … Continue reading

We are leaving Haiti today but none of us want to leave! Compassion is doing great work here and you can be a part of it! Consider sponsoring one of these sweet children during our Compassion drive next week! You can provide hope for Haiti!(Source: http://www.tumblr.com/) … Continue reading

Hunger. I think it’s something we all rarely experience unless we choose it, but for many people in Haiti, hunger is their normal state. I learned today that most people in Haiti, if they are lucky, eat one meal a day! Just one! If I don’t have three meals a day then my stomach lets me know that it’s angry! Imagine you are a parent with several children and today is your third day in… … Continue reading

THANK YOU! You did this!This is how the children at the Compassion Project responded today when we told them we had brought Legos for them from all of you in the states! Your generosity did THIS!(Source: http://www.tumblr.com/) … Continue reading

There are certain places that always make me uncomfortable-tattoo parlors, hospitals, and craft stores. I don’t know why so many women LOVE craft stores!I don’t even know where to begin in those stores. I feel like an alien on a foreign planet when I’m there, but at the same time I weirdly feel the need to “blend in” as if I am totally comfortable and just finished my 200th pinterest project. It seems like a… … Continue reading

Cat Heaven

Cat HeavenYou might not be able to read much of the site, but you’ll see into cat heaven. Er… cat heaven on earth. Er… #catlady … Continue reading