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a holiday you can’t say

I’ve seen a lot of anti-Halloween things today from my friends. My family never “celebrated” Halloween with scary things… but it was another chance to spend time with family and eat and have candy. So we did. And it was great. We’d go to my dad’s mom first and hang out. Everyone from the church came over at some point. We’d trade candy because my friend liked Mallow Cups – those nasty candies masquerading as… … Continue reading

No, I’m not a diva!But I might act like one today…It’s picture day today at WAY-FM. Yep, just like back in grade school. We all have to line up, stress about our hair looking perfect, then get our photo taken for WAY-FM promotional materials. I hate this. Like I REALLY hate this. I literally tried to get out of picture day, but they said NO!  I typical have no problem having my picture taken, but when… … Continue reading

Is your church friendly?Maybe an even more important question is: “Are you friendly at your church?” These are questions I had to ask myself after a rough church experience on Sunday. I am currently “church shopping” and if I’m honest, I hate it! It has been so hard to attend lots of different churches. Growing up as a pastor’s daughter, I am used to having a home church that is almost like family. I went… … Continue reading

don’t be weird.

I worked at a pizza place in high school – the greasy small town kind that is absolutely awesome. A bunch of high schoolers worked with me who I liked well enough, but no one compared to Daniel. Daniel was our delivery driver that we hired who was awesome and cool and had a vague air of mystery because he was *gasp* already out of high school.  He was friendly and nice and … well… … Continue reading

I’m not a homemaker. I’m just not.The problem is, I wish I was. I especially wish this in a day when every woman’s past time seems to be DIY projects and amazing pinterest meals. I’m not good at these things. Surely, I can improve slightly, but this is not a God-given ability of mine. I recently visited the home of a friend named Talitha and I was memorized by the beauty of her pinterest perfect… … Continue reading

good samaritan

Sunday school. Today’s lesson: The Good Samaritan. Guy gets beaten up, robbed and left for dead. Two “religious guys” pass him and the guy that should have wanted nothing to do with him gives him help, hope and a chance at really living. Be a good Samaritan. Pray. Go home.  That’s how I’ve heard that story my whole life.  This week at church, we looked at Luke 10.30. The first verse. Just a single verse out… … Continue reading