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San Diego Fireworks (Last Year)

We were talking on the air today about last year’s “Big Boom By The Bay” in San Diego.  What was supposed to be a huge fireworks display that should have gone for 15 minutes ended up up going down in 15 seconds.  Somehow every firework ignited in the first moments…so it was over almost before it began.  Evidently this year went a little more smoothly in San Diego.  This is just funny to relive the… … Continue reading

Wishing you a Happy 4th o July from our family to yours. #hechosethepose #letfreedomring #grateful … Continue reading

The Pledge…a new view

I caught this really cool breakdown of the pledge of allegiance I thought I’d share… I pledge:  a formal promise, a vow Allegiance:  our loyalty To the Flag:  to the symbol Of the United States of America:  our country And to the republic:  our government For which it stands:  what the flag represents One nation Under God:  Together guided by the grace and mercy of God Indivisible:  Holding together with everything we have in unity… … Continue reading

lessons from heartbreak

I can count the number of boys I’ve dated on one hand. I regret a lot of those dates, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn something. There are relatively few specific memories I can point out, but I do remember 3 specific phrases from boyfriends past that I think will stick with me for the rest of my life.  “Not every date is going to be magic.” This came after I was in an… … Continue reading

Love equals risk.

i love quotes. no question, no doubt.  c.s. lewis and corrie ten boom being among my favorite minds to plumb.  this one from Mr. Lewis was one I unearthed just this morning…and it’s a doozy: “to love at all is to be vulnerable. love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. if you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal.… … Continue reading

The Bible moves from cable…to network TV.

The Bible moves from cable…to network TV.We talked a lot about “The Bible” cable series and DVD’s that had been produced by Mark Burnett of Survivor fame and his wife Roma Downey known from Touched By An Angel.   The general consensus seemed to be it was “great that the Bible was not only getting the chance to be seen on TV” but also “so many people who night step into church or read the… … Continue reading