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Indonesia Answer Key

How many islands are in the Indonesian archipelago? 22 108 3,273 17,508 Of those 17,508, about 6,000 are inhabited. Many have not even been named, presenting difficulties for search and rescue operations.   How many countries in the world have a bigger population than Indonesia? 3 18 55 182 Only China, India and the United States have more people.   With which country does Indonesia share a land border? Papua New Guinea East Timor Malaysia… … Continue reading

Need A Bible?

Most people already have a Bible laying around the house. But if you don’t, we want to send you a free copy of the WAY Bible. It’s the perfect Bible for people who have questions, and it’s written in the easy-to-understand New Living Translation. Just fill out the form below. Fill out my online form. Want to know what the WAY Bible is all about?  Check out this video! … Continue reading

E-MESS: Hate mongering

I love your Music but was saddened this morning by your HATE mongering regarding gay marriage, shame on you, that is not what Jesus would want WALLY! I will no longer listen to your show! Are you kidding me!? I take heat for not hating on gay people. I cannot believe that was your take away. How did you miss me saying instead of going to chick-fil-a to make a point about gay marriage, go… … Continue reading

Product description for the “Airzooka” Fun gun launches balls of air at your enemies Messes up hair, ruffle their clothes, blow away papers Needs no batteries, electricity, or ammo You know, for when your enemies only mortality is in perfectly straightened hair. … Continue reading