5 Ways to Have a COVID-Friendly Celebration

By now, you’ve probably had to get creative when it comes to celebrating things during COVID. While I’ve done my fair share of Zoom birthday parties and virtual weddings, I was almost dreading my wedding anniversary. Since my husband is immunocompromised, we’re not going into restaurants, and I wasn’t sure how to celebrate without a fancy night out and steak!

At the last minute, my husband suggested getting the steak to-go from our usual restaurant and then having a car picnic in the restaurant parking lot so we could eat it while it was fresh. We took our own steak knives and plates and had an absolute blast.

When I posted this picture on Instagram, I received a lot of creative ways that others have celebrated in the past year! Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Add style to your to-go order

We took pillows to make eating from our laps easier, but Brooke had a great suggestion: “My parents now travel with cafeteria trays so they can eat in the car after getting pick-up.”

Not a fan of eating in the car? Becky has a different way of doing things: “We order our steak rare, then slap it in the toaster oven for a few minutes when we get home.” That way your food isn’t cold or overcooked!

2. Become a guest in your own home

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean that things have to be monotonous. Sometimes, a little creativity and a few decorations can go a long way!

Francesca went all the way to Italy on her birthday….the Italy that her family created for her in their living room, that is. 

And for Erin’s husband’s birthday, she turned their living room into their favorite Mexican restaurant.

3. Celebrate in the great indoor-outdoors

While the weather doesn’t always cooperate with outdoor gatherings….

Hannah met a friend in a parking lot, parked her car back-to-back with hers, and then they both sat in their own trunks to socialize.

And Jesse threw a drive-thru birthday for their daughter. They had to-go cupcakes ready for every guest and decorated the garage for their daughter to hang out in between visitors. Some people felt comfortable enough to come into the garage (they then disinfected between each visitor), and some people stayed in their cars. Regardless, his daughter loved it!

4. Technology

I know I’ve shared before about some new ways that I’ve been able to connect with others through technology, but I’m discovering new tools to do so every day.

A website called backyard.co has a variety of games you can play via video chat with friends and family.

Or if you’re looking for a more sentimental approach, follow Katie’s lead: “We celebrated by making birthday greetings from family and friends that live all over.” A video app on your phone and a few text messages can lead to the most special gift your loved one could ever get.

5. Do something unique

Amanda’s family tried a new experience when they made sushi at home for New Years Eve.

Or if you have something REALLY big to celebrate, here’s what Jessica is doing: “I’m going to celebrate my next round of chemo by adopting a dog.

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