Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

One of my favorite parts about Christmas is finding the PERFECT gift for the people I love. But some people can be nearly impossible to buy for! So I asked around for the best gifts you’ve ever gotten and came up with a list:

For the tired parent


“A YETI cup is my go-to present for every new mom. It’s saved me re-microwaving my coffee so many times!”



For the sentimental


“I got my parents a subscription to Storyworth. It asks them a question once a week and then puts it together in a book at the end of the year. They’ve had so much fun with it, and I love reading their responses and memories!”



For the goofball


“This voice-activated face mask had our entire family laughing so hard!”




For the practical


“I bought an alarm clock that projects the time onto our ceiling for my husband years ago, and he still talks about how great a gift it was.”



For the big fan


“I didn’t know what to get my dad last year, so I paid to have his favorite athlete record him a message through Cameo. He loved it!”



For the one who loves to be cozy


“I am always the cold one in my house, so a heated blanket is the best gift I’ve ever gotten!”



For the foodie


“It’s so simple, but my family was blown away by our digital meat thermometer. So that’s what everyone got last year.”




For the techie


“I love my smart lightbulbs. I can turn them on with my Alexa device.”




For the kids (or kids at heart)


“One year, my 4-year-old asked for bubble wrap. That was the favorite (and least expensive) present we gave her that year.”



For the college student


My parents got me a crushed ice maker when I lived in the dorms. It was super useful!




For the stressed


“I know gift cards aren’t the most creative gift, but I’ve cried when I’ve gotten them for a massage or for someone to clean my house.”






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