The Top 20 WayFM Songs of 2020

Did you know that YOU are the one that picks the music on WayFM when you sign up for our Music Team? Thanks to you, these were the top 20 songs that got us through 2020:

#20: Tasha Layton – Into the Sea

Here’s Tasha performing an additional song that’s perfect for when you feel afraid!

#19: Josh Wilson – Revolutionary

Josh also graced us with this great performance from home earlier this year.

#18: We Are Messengers – Image of God

Earlier this year, Darren from the band shared what life has been like for him in quarantine. 

#17: I Am They – Faithful God

Make sure you don’t miss this live performance + a game of “Would You Rather”! 

#16: Casting Crowns – Nobody

We loved having Mark Hall from Casting Crowns lead our World’s Biggest Small Group this year!


 Checkout the story behind this song with CJ and Joy!

#14: Matt Maher – Alive & Breathing

One of our favorite moments of the year was watching Matt and Wally try to escape road cases. 

#13: Micah Tyler – Amen

If you struggle with anxiety, check out this list of songs, including one from Micah Tyler, to help combat it. 

#12: for King & Country – Together

Luke from for King & Country was one of the artists we loved seeing on Zoom this year. 

#11: Chris Tomlin – Who You Are to Me

Who could forget that 2020 was the year that Chris Tomlin went country? 

#10: We Are Messengers – Love (Won’t Let Go)

In case you missed out, check out Darren sharing some of his story in this World’s Biggest Small Group video. 

#9: Hillsong United – Another in the Fire

Throwback to when Hillsong helped us name future bands. 

#8: Cory Asbury – The Father’s House

Remember starting the year with this amazing collaboration between Cory and Tori Kelly? 

#7: We the Kingdom – Holy Water

Things got competitive when Wally played a “Holy Water” game with this family band!

#6: Cochren & Co. – One Day

If you love this song, you’ll love this “Songs from a Mug”! 

#5: Hope Darst – Peace Be Still

This song made our list of girl anthems this year!

#4: MercyMe – Almost Home

Throwback to when MercyMe did a Pitbull/Justin Timberlake/MercyMe mashup. 

#3: Jeremy Camp – Keep Me in the Moment

Remember earlier this year when Jeremy had a movie based on his story? 

#2: Big Daddy Weave – I Know

We loved this World’s Biggest Small Group with Big Daddy Weave on forgiveness. 

#1: Zach Williams – There Was Jesus

Do you think Zach regretted agreeing to play a game of “Go Smell It on the Mountain” with Wally? 

Thanks for making this such a great year of music! And don’t forget to join our music team so you can impact what gets played in 2021. 


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