Did You Know Sleeping Can Teach Us Important Stuff About God?

Sleeping Puppy

Something to think about, maybe, before falling asleep tonight:

I love God’s sense of humor. We humans get proud. All of us. We tend to think we’re the captain of our own ships. We are the Masters of Our Destinies! We are in control! We know what we’re doing! We’re… we’re…

…really tired and need to lie… down…


Yes. We’re designed to fall over, usually once every time the earth rotates, and curl up. Usually with a blank.

Like – you know – a child.

Like a child who needs reminding she’s not so “in command” after all. Or maybe like an adult who needs a refresher: You, Mr. Independent… are made of dust. (After all, “Adam” means “made of earth”. Or, as I prefer it, God called the first man “Dirt Boy”.)

So I’m thankful for sleep. Every day, busy busy busy, making decisions, calling shots, bearing the burdens of the day, stressed about this and that and what will I do about this?

What about that? What if – ? And what about – ?

And then God makes me lie down. I must not be such a Big Deal. I must not be Responsible for Everything, because, shoot, I can’t even be vertical anymore.

In Proverbs, it says to ask for wisdom. Wisdom means perspective. It means knowing what matters. Ask for wisdom, Proverbs says, and this will happen:

“When you lie down, you will not be afraid; When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.”

I’m a dad. I loved it when my kids, after a day of frenetic playing and running about, fell asleep in the car. I’d get to pick them up and carry them to bed. The kid’s out of gas, completely trusting, completely surrendered?

Yeah. Fathers like that kind of stuff.

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