A Simple Way to Love Where It’s Needed Most

Every girl deserves to have at least one moment when she feels loved and beautiful. The orphan girls in Peru often feel abandoned and unloved. Their families either do not want them or they come from abusive homes.


Today in Cusco, Peru you made so many girls feel special and so beautiful! A pair ofshoes is nothing to us. I personally have around 50 pairs of shoes, but for the orphans in Peru they are lucky to get one pair for a whole year. These shoes wear out quickly and are simply to keep their feet protected and allow them to go to school.

The girls at the Lady of Mercy orphanage were desperate for attention when we arrived. They surrounded our Shoes for Orphan Souls’ bus and reached for hugs as soon as we arrived!


We did a vacation bible school with the girls that ranged in age from 5-18. I worked with the older girls. When it came time for them to receive the new shoes that you provided during our spring pledge, the girls could not hide their excitement. They were all giggles and smiles as we picked out a special pair for each girl.


Many of the shoes were bright colored and some were even sparkly! The girls lit up when we put the new shoes on their feet. The shoes were so much more than functional, they madethese girls feel loved and beautiful.


There was even a card in one of the shoes that put I on Viamana. It shared that someone in America prayed over the shoes and wanted her to know that she was loved! We simply wanted to love them like Jesus and through a pair of shoes, it happened!


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