Attitude is Everything.

Have you ever seen a child throw a tantrum?
It’s awful for everyone involved. It’s in those moments that parents are trying to teach their child a lesson.
Attitude is everything.

Life is going to continue to not give us what we want but we can’t change what happens to us. We can only change our attitudes and how we handle it.

TantrumThis is the lesson that I drilled into my teenage cousin’s head when she visited. She needed a bit of an attitude adjustment so I kept trying to teach her this important lesson.

Then I woke up this morning and everything went wrong from the beginning. I got up too late. Couldn’t find an important receipt that I need. Ended up almost getting into a car accident on my way to work. One thing after another kept happening and before I knew it, my attitude was in a really rotten place.

I was needing to exercise exactly what I told my cousin to do. However, it suddenly seemed much harder to change my own attitude.

Practicing what you preach is NOT EASY. As I prayed that God would change my attitude today, I realized the lessons we start to teach kids at an early age never go away. We never fully master these things. Our problems just mature and our tactics to dealing with them have to mature as well.


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