Christmas? No Thanks…

It’s here again.

The season of twinkling lights and cheer for all.
Christmas No ThanksHowever, this year I’m not in the “Christmas spirit.” I literally said today that I am ready for Christmas to be over.

Before you decide that I hate the baby Jesus and mail me 5,000 candy canes, hear me out.

This is the busiest time of the ENTIRE YEAR! From finding time to buy gifts to working extra hard to take vacation to Christmas parties it all makes me crazy. There is not enough time for me to actually enjoy the holidays this year. It’s still early in the Christmas season and I already want to pull my hair out from being pulled in a 100 different directions.


How does this happen every year? I do not want it to be this way.
This is a season to celebrate the birth of my Savior so why does it make me so crazy?

The hustle and bustle of the season can easily ruin it, but I still have time to change my attitude and my heart. I do not want to go down without a fight! So I created a prayer that I’m going to be praying this holiday season. If you have a hard time with the holiday season for any reason, maybe it will help you too.


Christmas is driving me crazy. In the midst of how stressful things are, my attitude is a mess. Only you can change my mindset.

Remind me of what this season is all about. Christmas is a time to celebrate You and to share so many things that you stand for like love, peace, and generosity. Please take all the distractions away. Help me to find some way to enjoy this season. To enjoy the people that I love, the blessings that I have, and the insane gift that you gave us in Jesus.

God, rescue my Christmas.

– Love, Joy




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