• Joy Tries 🗣 Scream Therapy
    We're all feeling a bit stressed these days, Joy gives scream therapy a try. Plus: how do you make time for God and family in busy seasons?

  • 👊 Joy's husband get's hit by another guy!
    There's a bit of a battle going on for Joy's affection. Plus, encouragement if you've been a caregiver of someone struggling with mental health.Chicken of the Month Club! ➡️ fh.org/joy

  • SPECIAL EDITION: A Survivors Guide to Anxiety
    If you are ready to find some rest from your anxiety, this conversation is for you! Jon Seidl is a professional storyteller who decided it was time to share his own story after being diagnosed with anxiety and OCD. Jon has worked with Kirk Cameron, Glen Beck, and even Chip Gaines. Jon’s #1 bestselling book, “Finding Rest: A Survivor’s Guide to Navigating the […]

  • Joy vs. her 1 1/2 year old 👼
    She's figured out her little man is strong willed. Who's going to win this epic battle?Chicken of the Month Club! ➡️ fh.org/joy

  • Trying to wake up early ⏰
    Getting "me" time often means getting up before anyone else in the house. Plus Joy has encouragement if you struggle with anxiety. And an important life lesson from TV dad Bob Saget. Chicken of the Month Club! ➡️ fh.org/joy

  • SPECIAL EDITION: Marriage Expert Dr. Greg Smalley on Thriving Through the Holidays | Interview
    Dr. Greg Smalley from Focus on the Family shares the small tips and tricks for couples to navigate the holidays and form their own meaningful traditions.

  • Are your Christmas memories shattered? 😮
    Joy's favorite Christmas ornament was broken, how about yours?

  • Thanksgiving Blunders 🦃
    Joy is kitchen challenged, and apparently she's not alone...

  • Rom-com movie hack 🍿
    Joy shares her proven method to get your man to watch your favorite chick flick with you! Plus encouragement if you're facing the holidays without a loved one.

  • Marriage Reconnect
    Kaylee brings the latest in music, and Dr. Greg Smalley has helpful tips to transform your marriage from feeling like being roommates and restore connection.

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