Could Carlos and Joy’s Poetry Change Your Attitude About This Week?

Apparently writing a poem about something unpleasant can make you feel better about it. So Carlos and Joy took on the topic of Mondays. See if either one brightens your day:

Carlos’ Poem

Monday, why can’t you be more like your big brother Friday?

When you say get up, it has to be your way, Monday.

When Friday says get up, its like Burger King and I can have it my way!

Monday, Oh Monday…

Your highways are angry

Your friends are all cranky

Maybe a change of pace

Could find you a place

In my heart where Friday

Will Always be.

Joy’s Poem

The start of the week is hard you see

And Mondays it’s not you it’s me

I’m not a morning person

And I too quickly forget that Sunday sermon

The start of the week is just overwhelmin’

All the work I see coming is not helpin’

If the sun is shining it doesn’t matter

I’d rather be in bed eating cake batter

We will always be two separate entities

Mondays, guess we will just have to stay frienemies.

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