Cut and Paste Faith

Cut and Paste FaithIt’s amazing to me how much of a quick fix society we have become. I saw this add on Facebook offering to help pastors with 12 cut and paste emails that will inspire their congregation and help it grow. My first reaction was, “Wow, this is how we are going to shepherd the church now? With CUT AND PASTE faith?”

Imagine if that’s how God taught us.

Imagine if He was up there being all God and stuff and just said, “Welp, I don’t have time to custom make something for Carlos so let me just “cut and paste” this that worked for Joy and just reuse it for his need.” Can you see God doing that? I hope you can’t because I can’t either. Now, I know this is just some slick marketing campaign from this company to get people looking at their tools to help churches grow…and that’s fine, campaign away. But the wording just bugged me. Use these 12 emails, CUT AND PASTE THEM, and move on.

These are the times when I believe we should learn a little something from the Bible, where it says in Mark:

‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

The same way we would want something custom from our God up in heaven for us and our lives, I am sure we can take the time to do the same for those we influence on a daily basis. That goes for us in our daily lives too, not just the pastors leading our churches. Lets all give people our authentic lives and not some cut and paste version of the people we want others to believe we are.


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