Depression is More Common Than You Think…

Joy here and after hearing about the loss of Robin Williams, I was shocked to find out that he dealt with depression for years. This man who brought so much laughter and joy to my life struggled to find it in his own.

Depression was something that I never fully understood until I experienced it this year.

I am in a season of depression.
It’s hard to even type out, but it’s true.

Depression is more common than you think. As I have started to share what I am dealing with so many friends have admitted that they also quietly struggle with depression. People that I never would have imagined have walked through a season of depression in their lives.

I’ve been going to Christian counseling and seeking help and hope. I think understanding depression in the church is important. If you are walking through depression right now. Know you are not alone.

There IS HOPE!

This video helped me to understand depression better. Whether you struggle with it or not, you should check Andy’s story out.

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