“Fight For You” is the Perfect Song to Inspire Your Marriage

“Fight for You” by Grayson|Reed has resonated with a lot of people. Watch this husband-wife duo perform it live!


Grayson|Reed is made up of Mike and Molly – a husband and wife who wrote and, now, perform this song. They didn’t expect this song and its message to spread to so many people, but they’re glad it did. Here’s what the song means to them in their marriage.


“You know, everyday we wake up and we have choices… You can choose to build somebody up and you can choose to break them down… Especially the people that we’re closest to. I know exactly what I can say to her that would not lift her up… So, this song was literally our attempt at just saying, ‘I recognize this, I know this, and I want my choice to be is to wake up and fight and build you up…’ I think so many of us think love is this ethereal, ‘out there’ emotion… What love really is, is waking up everyday and choosing somebody… Writing this song, it’s kind of this revelation for both of us… We don’t look like this everyday of our marriage.”


“Most days…”


“For sure. But this is what we want our marriage to look like.”

Check out our full interview with Grayson|Reed!

Grayson Reed Fight For You Marriage

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