Find Out How The Avengers Are Actually Based on Your Mom!


Carlos here and this is my theory…The Avengers, “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” are actually based on characteristics every Mom possess! Well, at least my mom had them which may be why I never got away with ANYTHING…haha! Lets start…


HawkeyeHawkeye: The eagle-eyed archer who always seems to have his eye’s on everything. It’s almost like he has eye’s in the back of his head! On the battlefield there is no target he can’t hit and no enemy he couldn’t see coming. Sound familiar?

Mom: Something I always said about my mom was that she always seemed to see me doing things I never thought she could see, even when I was behind her back!


hulkHulk: This split persona superhero can go from mild mannered genius Dr. Banner to the Hulk in mere moments when danger or threats are present. The Hulk has potential for immense and seemingly limitless physical strength depending directly on his emotional state, particularly his anger.

Mom: 95% of the time, my mom was a mild mannered loving Christian woman. Unless you messed with one of her kids. Then cue the latina edition of The Hulk. All the rage, plus a little latina sass.


Iron ManIron Man: Billionaire, philanthropist, genius level intellect and the money behind The Avengers team in the last film. His best line in the movies says it all, “I just pay for everything, design everything, make everyone look cool.” Who does that sound like? Mom.

Mom: Was my ATM card, was the one who designed everything around the house, helped me get dressed as a kid. Mom, payed for everything, got me everything, made me an epic little guy.


black widowBlack Widow: The master spy and assassin on the team. Black Widow takes the stage as the interrogator many times during the movies. Using her intellect she can break down even the most defensive of minds and get to the truth.

Mom: I couldn’t count the number of times Mom would ask me one or two questions and the next thing I knew I was grounded because she figured out the truth and I was busted. She was so good, sometimes just by the way I would say, “Hi” or “Hello” or whatever…she knew what was wrong with me.


Captain AmericaCaptain America: The moral compass for the team. Always takes the high road, always wants the best for humanity, always plays by the rules and is always willing to give himself up for the team.

Mom: My mom was always willing to go without for us kids. She would work more, get up early, stay late, miss out on things for her so we could have. She was my morale guidepost many times as a kid and always kept me on the straight and narrow. She was like my personal Captain America.


ThorThor: His whole persona is based on his ability to wield the mighty hammer, Mjolnir. Only someone worthy enough can hold the hammer and possess the powers of Thor. While many tried to be and wanted to be “Thor” there could only be one.

Mom: While many women have the ability to have kids, that alone doesn’t make them a great Mom. Even if you can’t have kids of your own, you can still make a great Mom. Mom’s are uniquely crafted with an ability to bring out the best in their kids, care for their kids and raise their kids. They have special God-given talents unique to Mom’s that make them crucial to helping kids grow up well.

Now can you see why I think the Avengers are actually based on Mom’s?! Its uncanny! Think about this the next time you sit down to watch The Avengers and maybe remind your kids of your own super-powers.


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