How I Lied on My Instagram

This was my morning instagram photo.

cropping your life


Beautiful. Peaceful. Pristine. Breakfast with a perfect bible study…

But also a LIE.

Let us zoom in a little:



Yep! There is a nasty bug in my water and what you can’t see are the dozen of other bugs that I was fighting off while simply trying to read in peace! I very carefully angled this photo so you would NOT notice the swarm of bugs that got in my coffee, in my hair and in my egg sandwich. I was swatting and squealing just trying to get through my breakfast. I went inside the coffee shop and it was packed so I couldn’t even escape my personal swarm of bugs. It was a crazy morning that is not reflected AT ALL with my original instagram photo.

After looking back at my post I realized that the real instagram photo that I should have posted is the photo of the fly taking a swim in my water. That’s real life. That’s authentic and relatable! But something inside of me wants my life to look like the first photo. It’s easier sometimes to present the fake instead of the real.

Yet, I am the same person that compares my life to everyone else’s based on their instagram photos. I somehow forget that they probably cropped out the crazy in their photos too! What you don’t see in my instagram photo are the bug guts smashed on my neck! Reality is messy and THAT is what actually allows us to live authentic lives with one another.

Let’s stop lying on instagram by presenting the only moment that actually makes our lives look sane and present the crazy in all it’s glory! God can use our mess way more than our fake perfection anyways!


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