How to POISON your marriage in 3 easy steps

BAM! (That’s the sound of my gut being checked the moment I saw this article today) God truly is timely.

This past weekend I married the love of my life and while we didn’t go into our marriage filled with naive thoughts of how “easy” it would be to make our marriage work, I certainly didn’t think about how easy it would be to poison our marriage. As Amber and I embark on the first days of our marriage we are going to watch out for these easy triggers that can poison our love. Maybe you are in the same place or about to be going down this road…or maybe you’ve been down this road for a while now and are just tired of hitting pothole after marriage pothole.

For instance, Blame! It has short-term memory loss. It’s a big fan of calling attention to the deficiencies in our spouse while conveniently failing to recall the toxic contributions we keep bringing to the table. Grace finds no home within the confinements of blame, as we become the man/woman who was forgiven a huge debt only to turn around and refuse to forgive a much smaller one (Matthew 18:21-35).

Blame doesn’t help, only hurts and we pull that card way too often…

I believe that God can fix any situation and heal any brokenness. So maybe this post will be one of those timely, gut checking things for you too. CHECK IT OUT HERE and I pray it helps you moving forward in life and love with God at the center.


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