If You Don’t Slow Down Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

You’re busy. I’m busy. We are ALL busy!

However living a busy life is not as dangerous as living a hurried life.

Living a busy life reminds us that we NEED God, while living a hurried life causes us to be unavailable to God.

When we are hurried, we are never fully present in any moment. We use technology and our schedules to distract us from life and from God. When I’m hurried I cannot be self aware. This is where I’ve been for a few years now. Yes, you read that right…YEARS. This hurried life makes it impossible to be content. If I don’t slow down then I will never truly get to know others, God, or even me.Slow Down

I have tried to slow down by clearing a few things from my schedule, but it hasn’t worked. The true problem is not with my schedule, but with my heart. I am too afraid of alone time, of quiet, of hours with just me and God. Because in those moments I know that God will begin to show me what a mess I am and I will become more self aware of what God wants me to work on in my life. It’s easier to not know. It’s easier to be distracted and not stop to think about what might be very wrong in my soul. However, living a hurried life and not stopping to slow down will eventually cause you to have a break down. It might be a small break down or a huge one, but eventually all the mess in your life that you have pushed away and not dealt with will catch up to you. We can only ignore and avoid our problems for so long.

So today I attempted to turn over a new leaf. I got up early and to have a slow morning. A typical morning in my house is spent rushing around and grabbing some type of portable breakfast to eat in the car. But not this morning! Today, I spent time in prayer and even cracked open a new journal (which I never do!) God reminded me of Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” The key word in all that for  me is COME! If I hurry through life and continually distract myself then I am never allowing time to even come to God. God wants to help us work through our stuff, but first we have to slow down and face it.


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