I Heart Modesty

I Heart ModestyJoy here and I love modesty as much as the next girl, but sometimes it’s frustrating. We had a listener call WAY-FM today and say that all the girls here dress too immodestly at events. He said we shouldn’t wear makeup or style our hair so much. He said men don’t want to lust, but when girls come around dressed provocatively that they can’t help it. I don’t think a phone call has ever infuriated me more…

First of all, none of the girls at WAY-FM dress immodestly! Second, yes, women should be modest, but why is it that the guys always get off the hook? Why do men act as if it’s only the woman’s responsibility to keep their minds pure? I have never understood this.

Guys need to be taught to look away or bounce their eyes if they see a women who is dressed immodestly. Even if all the Christian women on the planet dressed modestly, there will still be women who don’t. Men will still have to learn to control their own lustful thoughts around them! Modesty is not the solution to the problem of lust. It is a part of the issue that women help with.

I also don’t think that because guys need to learn to control their minds that women should wear whatever they want. I dress modestly, but I don’t do it just because it’s my sole responsibility to protect men from lusting. I dress modestly because I love and respect the men in my life. I want to honor them in any way I can.

My point is that modesty is a two sided issue. In my opinion, the complaint we had today was flat out wrong about girls being the reason men can’t help but lust. What do you think?

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