Love Your Wife Like You Love Your Favorite Sports Team


If you’re a man like me, you’re man who LOVES sports and betting with cote pariuri! When one sport’s season ends, the next one seems to pick right up where the other left off. But have you ever thought about what it might look like if you loved your wife with the same kind of fandom that you love your favorite sport? I have and this one hurt to write…

IF WE CAN FOLLOW OUR FAVORITE SPORTS EVERY MOVE, then we can take time to learn something new about our wives.

When it comes to the NFL there’s not much that happens that I don’t know about. I keep tabs on the NFL nearly daily so I am always in the know.

Now imagine if I put that same kind of effort to learning my wife! The the next time her birthday comes around I won’t be scrambling last minute to find the perfect gift. I would have heard her mention that dress she saw that she loved, or the new restaurant she just has to try. I would just know because I was paying attention.

IF WE CAN PLAN MONTHS IN ADVANCE TO GO TO A GAME, then we can plan out a date night with our wives.

I had tickets to the Tennessee Titans VS Jacksonville Jaguars NFL game nearly 2 months in advance of the game. My wife Amber and I were going to go together for my birthday and I spent weeks leading up to that game planning out every…single…detail. Where to park, where to eat pre-game AND post game, what jersey I wanted, even what part of the stadium I wanted to walk through so I can see the whole field.

Guess how many date nights I planned for my wife during that 2 months time? Zero. Not a single one. If I can spent that much time detailing out the perfect NFL Game Day, then I can plan out the perfect Wifey Date Night.

IF WE CAN FORGIVE OUR FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM, then we can forgive our wives.

I love the NBA’s Miami Heat. I’ve followed them through some rough years and some really fun championship years. All along supporting my team and forgiving them for some of the dumbest moves in sports history, like Miami’s 2012 NBA draft class. We can forgive them and move right back to fandom and support so easily, yet with our wives it not always so easy.

I know that when my wife hurts me it stings in a very different way, its far more personal and cuts deeper. But if I can find a way to give grace to a sports team, then I can find a way to give grace to my wife.

IF WE WANT TO WATCH OUR GAMES UNINTERRUPTED, then we should give our wives the same uninterrupted time.

Sunday’s are GAME DAY! After church I wanna come home, have lunch and sit in front of my TV uninterrupted for at least one solid game, if not two or three to include Sunday Night Football! Key word, UNINTERRUPTED! I desire a literal shutting off of the brain and the simple joy of watching football. Yet, during the week when my wife wants to talk to me about something I can’t seem to give her 1, 2 or 3 minutes of UNINTERRUPTED attention.

It’s pretty pathetic really. How I can give something like NFL football my full attention when it gives me nothing in return. But my wife who gives me so much of her time, her love, her affection, her full self…I can’t seem to give her my full attention for very long. Imagine if I did. How loved, how cared for, how special she would feel.

There’s nothing wrong with the love of sports. But there is something wrong when we are better at loving SPORTS than we are at loving our WIVES. This doesn’t mean we become less of a sports fan, but this does mean we become bigger fans of our wives and put the same kind of passion behind loving them well.

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