4 Epic Ways to Make Your Movie Theatre Experience the Best Yet

Movie Theatre

The summer blockbuster season is in full swing and I’m here to help you survive it with your sanity. From hormone fueled teens racing for the back rows, to lines filled with people playing dress-up. These 4 simple rules have helped me keep my sanity and my wallet from slipping.

1. NEVER Go Opening Weekend

Crowds, creepy super fans playing dress-up and lines. Unless you like showing up 2 hours early, fighting for a good seats and watching the next Hunger Games movie with 20 people dressed up like Katniss…stay home opening weekend. I always wait a few weeks before going and I can almost always can walk in 20 mins before the movie starts and still get the best seat in the house without a storm trooper or Katniss or Golum next to me.

2. 3/4 Middle

That’s the best seat in the house and the one to get. When the director and sound mixers sit down to mix a movie’s audio they do it in actual movie theaters much like the one’s we sit in to enjoy them. BUT, they sit 3/4 of the way up and DEAD CENTER. So, if you want the best sound, sit there and only there.

3. Pack A Snack

Do you like paying $15.00 for a small popcorn and a pack of snow caps? No, you don’t and neither do I. So I pack a snack in my wife’s purse or my pocket and sneak it in. DON’T get greedy though! I said pack a snack, not a meal. Gummy bears or a snickers bar are cool…do not attempt to sneak in a #6 combo meal from Wendy’s. That kind of selfish behavior is what will ruin it for the rest of us when you get caught and they start checking everyone’s bags for illegal snacking contraband.

4. Matinee, Matinee, Matinee

Go early! Fewer people, cheaper prices, parents don’t use this as a 2-3 hour babysitter and teens don’t use this as a 2-3 hour date away from mom and dad with their significant other. Less money, less stress, less hormones = more movie enjoyment.

Those are my simple rules to an enjoyable movie experience…if you have a few you’d love to add feel free to comment below!



(photo credit: by blondinrikard)

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